Busting These Top 10 Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss

Are you embarking on a weight loss journey? Then, I’m sure you may have heard the following things: you need to cut all sugar and snacks/ cheat meals; cumin seeds in water are helpful in weight loss. Well, this is not certainly true. We will bust all such myths in this article. Presenting the most common weight loss myths and guiding you towards a helpful weight loss journey!

Lemon in hot water helps with weight loss

This is the biggest weight loss myth that needs to be busted. It’s just a fad/ trend and doesn’t really do much for your body except for increasing your water intake. Anything labeled as “detox” is a myth. Your body is naturally equipped to detox itself and it doesn’t need a “drink” to do it. Fun fact: Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which is a heat-sensitive nutrient. So if you put lemon juice in even slightly hot water for too long, you’re destroying its benefits in the first place. However, if you do enjoy the taste, feel free to add lemon to your water, but don’t think it’s a magic weight loss trick.

You cannot have cheat meals or junk food

Technically speaking – you could eat anything you want and still lose fat as long as your body is in a calorie deficit. However, the quality of the nutrients you get is more important than you can imagine. Think of your body like an expensive machine. Would you put in low-quality kerosene to run it or high-quality fuel to make it perform its best? DIET IS FUEL.

You can spot reduce weight

MYTH! MYTH! MYTH! You cannot target reduce weight. It’s not possible to lose fat from specific spots unless you are an extremely high-performance athlete with a good baseline body composition. You sadly don’t get to decide where you lose it from, your genetics decide it for you. And when you lose fat, you lose it mostly overall.

Supplements can help you lose weight

Supplements do not help you lose weight. The sellers of these supplements might claim that their products work and block the fat & carbohydrate absorption and speed up your metabolism but it’s just a marketing tactic. No supplements without calorie deficit and exercising will help.

Carbohydrates make you fat

It is suggested that if you want to lose weight, you need to cut all carbs and consume a diet high in protein. Well, that’s certainly true but you do not need to cut ‘all’ carbs in order to lose weight. Any food can cause weight gain if you eat too much. So just check to keep your carbs in check. Also, remember that carbs are macronutrients so you need them in some proportion to go about your daily activities.

Skipping breakfast will lead to weight gain

Well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you energy throughout the day and there are chances that you do not overeat or snack on later during the day. But, there is very little research that skipping breakfast may be bad for you or will it increase your weight. So, it’s a myth in a way.

You need to cut all fat and sugar foods

This is a myth. You do not need to cut fat from your diet whether or not you’re trying to lose weight. Why? Because fat is especially important at every meal when you are dieting. “Fat helps you stay full. It satiates you. If you cut all of the fat out of your diet or have very little fat, your blood sugar doesn’t stay stable for as long a period of time and you’ll notice that you’re hungry sooner.” says a dietician. TIP: Try having sugar foods in breakfast so that you somehow burn all the calories during the day itself.

Artificial sweeteners are healthy

Artificial sweeteners linked to weight loss is a very controversial topic since there are so many researches that in fact contain more sugar than regular sugar and can all cause cancer. There are debates on its safety to consume, too. It must be noted that artificial sweeteners should not be used for weight loss.

Juice cleanses help you lose weight

Myth alert: Juice cleansing isn’t particularly healthy, and consuming too many fruits and vegetables can elicit fatigue, headaches, cravings, and dizziness. Also, eating whole fruits with the pulp is still healthy but juicing strips out the fiber during the process. Juice cleanses can help you lose weight in short term but it isn’t a healthy option for the long term.

Avoiding egg yolks will have a drastic effect on weight loss

According to a study conducted by the University of Connecticut, egg yolks actually help to reduce the bad cholesterol from the body. Egg yolk is healthier than egg whites so do not dump egg yolk unless your nutritionist specifically asks you to do so.