Car Gadgets – Top 10 Super Helpful Car Essentials

Super Helpful Car Gadgets

Cars are an essential part of our lives. We use them every day to transport ourselves from point A to point B. They’re an extension of our homes and an expression of our personalities. 

It’s extremely important to take care of our cars to continue to work for us. So without further ado, here are 10 car gadgets to buy:

Mini vacuum cleaner

An essential for any car, having a vacuum cleaner can help you get all your crumbs out of the tiny nooks and crannies of your upholstery.

Get a variety of nozzles for your vacuum cleaner, and make sure that you’re buying a battery-powered one. The nozzles will help you get into hard to reach places, and the battery will ensure you won’t need to plug in your vacuum cleaner to use it.

Storage bins

Having a set of plastic storage bins in your trunk will make your life so much easier. For starters, it gives you automatic organisation for your trunk. But more importantly, it helps you transport your groceries with minimal fuss.

The sturdiness of a plastic bin will hold an enormous amount of weight. And it stabilises it evenly enough that when you are transporting your groceries to your front door, you won’t need to wobble around with a bunch of flimsy bags. Hence making your life so much easier. 

Air purifier

Air fresheners are great, but cars can carry a lot of dust and other irritants. So for the safety of you and your passenger’s lungs, it’s always a good idea to have an air purifier in the car.

You never know what you could breathe in, it may be dust, it may be fumes from the car in front of you.

Phone mount

This is an essential gadget and extremely widely available. So it’s important to have. You hook it up to your windshield or your air vent and you have a place to set up your phone. This is especially useful when you need GPS.

But it’s also fun to have if you’re transporting children and you want to keep them occupied. 

Wireless charger

Wires can clog up your car quickly if you aren’t careful. And they can lead to disastrous messes, especially since everything seems to plug in at the same place on your console. 

So having a wireless phone charger can reduce the mess, the hassle and the frustration of wires. 

Car refrigerators

A slightly unnecessary gadget, but one you should consider. Especially if you live in a tropical climate.

Having a cool drink waiting for you in your car can make an incredible world of difference. Not only will it refresh you, but you’ll also make many new friends as they come around to borrow some respite from the heat. 

Car humidifier

A car humidifier ensures that your car has comfortable breathing air. The air outside can often be dry and chock full of pollutants, difficult to breathe. But a car humidifier makes it easier. It injects moisture into the air and allows you to have a break from the rough air outside.

It’s important to treat your car as an extension of your home, somewhere you should be comfortable, and a car humidifier helps accomplish that. 

Electric coffee warmer

I’m willing to bet that you use your car every morning, and in your haste to get to your destination, you forget to finish your coffee. Unfortunately, by the time you’ve reached, your coffee is probably cold. 

So, solve that problem and get an electric coffee heater that you can attach to your car. I guarantee it’ll make your morning commute more enjoyable.

Fire extinguishers

Less of a comfort gadget and more of a safety one, a fire extinguisher is an important thing to have in a car. While not legally required, it is important to remember flammable materials fuel cars. And yes, the chances of your car actually catching on fire are very low, but they are not improbable. So it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Besides, having a fire extinguisher means you could help someone else out if they have something on fire. 

Tyre pressure monitors

Another gadget for safety, low-pressure tyres are dangerous and can cause some significant damage to your vehicle. 

As a good preventative measure, you should buy an automatic tyre pressure monitor with sensors and an automatic update feature that keeps you informed on the pressure in your tyres.