Our Picks For Top 10 Laptop Brands


As newer technology comes to market, Laptops are becoming better and better in their function. As a result, many new brands started manufacturing laptops. So today we are going to pick Top 10 Laptop Brands out of a huge variety available.

1. Asus

Asus is a computer hardware/electronics company that is primarily based out in Taiwan. It is considered number one in a notebook, motherboard, and gaming series. Their famous products include the ZenBook series, VivoBook series, Republic of gamers, ZenBook Deluxe series, EeeBook series, Asus gaming series, and ZenBook Flip series.

2. Lenovo

Also considered as one of the best brands in the laptop, Lenovo laptops are laptops based on priorities. Performance laptops are specifically designed for professionals, gamers, and creators. Ultraportable laptops are made and used by people who carry laptops wherever they go. Budget laptops are used for home purposes which provides a lot of value and performance.

3. Dell

Dell is a very well-known American company that sells laptops, computers, data storage, computer peripherals, and much more. Their laptops are configured with all the latest technology to satisfy the meeting demands of every business and to handle any task. Their most well-known laptops are Inspiron-Everyday Essentials, XPS-Performance, Vostro, and Alienware laptops. Inspiron-Everyday Essentials are built with the utmost care with the current technologies to be able to meet any task.

4. Apple

Apple is a familiar brand of electronics globally, Apple produces laptops at a marginally higher price. These prices are based on size, memory, graphics memory, and many other features. Apple mainly produces a laptop of 13-inch and 15 inches that can have larger disk storage and also increase the performance of the laptop. The iOS that are found on these small laptops are fully optimized and can be executed easily.

5. Microsoft

Microsoft is an American-based company that develops, manufactures many licensed software and hardware products. Microsoft is the largest producer of personal computers. Microsoft’s Windows 10 products are built for faster performance and are very powerful. It has a lot of features in a single product. Their more valued product surface laptop comes with a keyboard covered with Alcantara fabric, display of PixelSense, and fast charging feature.

6. Razer

Razer has some of the unique features for laptops and one can explore the entire range of gaming laptops that are suitable for work and play. The laptops come with amazing graphics on great display that has the newest technology comprised within the system. The most popular product of Razer is Razer blade stealth the starting price is US $1,049. This laptop provides a magnificent performance and it comes with a very sleek design. 

7. MSI

MSI is a leading brand in games and eSports globally. MSI products are mainly dedicated to bringing innovations to the gaming industry. Its main development is focused on notebook PCs, graphics cards, desktop PCs. MSI products are categorized into gaming series and prestige series. The products under the gaming series are the GT series and more.

8. Toshiba

Toshiba is regarded as a top laptop brand; Toshiba is a global technology leader with its product. Toshiba has produced 100 million-plus laptops. Toshiba designs and develops laptops mainly for business use. The company has whole control over the design, functions, and security of the laptop. It is well known for its ultraportable laptops, 2 in 1 detachable/convertible laptops, and high performance.

9. Acer Laptops

Even Acer regarded as one of the top laptop brands, Acer’s great value for their laptops is in their features where they provide 1080p screens or aluminum designs. Acer’s laptops have very pleasing aesthetics. Their main products in laptops are Swift, Spin, Switch, Aspire, Nitro, Aspire E, Aspire S, and Acer One. The Swift laptop is an ultra-thin product that has the versions Swift7, Swift5, Swift3, and Swift3 Special Edition.

10. HP

HP is also known as Hewlett-Packard, it is one of the most used electronics brands that are still very popular as it used to be. When it gets to desktops, HP still provides the most dependable devices and is extensively used by professionals and gamers.