Top 10 Action Cameras For Your Adventures

action camera

Be it stabilized 4K videos or an amazing picture, action cameras always fit in. Nowadays sports and action cameras have come up with amazing features so that you use them for your shooting adventures. So here is a list of Top 10 action camera brands.

1. GoPro Hero 7 black

GoPro is an American company founded in 2002. It develops video editing software and sports cameras. GoPro camera comes with features like 360-degree video recording and great stabilization. They have come up with editing applications in smartphones. GoPro Hero 7 Black has a rugged and waterproof body, packed with smile and scene detection. 

2. DJI Osmo Action

SZ DJI Technology or Shenzen DJI Sciences and Technologies was founded in 2006. DJI is a Chinese company that manufactures drones for aerial photography. It also produces sports cameras with stabilization equipment. Many products of DJI are used in military and police forces. DJI Osmo Action 4K Camera has creative shooting modes for picturing the shots spared by naked eyes. The camera has a waterproof body and image stabilizer for stunning shots. 

3. Yi 4K+

YI Technology or Xiaoyi is a Chinese company that manufactures cameras and optical computer technology. YI Technology was originally branded by Xiaomi but the company split off from Xiaomi in 2016. The latest YI 4K+ Action Camera is a perfect option for photography enthusiasts as it comes with more features than many other sports cameras. The touchscreen gives full control of the camera and also the long battery life makes it an amazing choice.

4. Sony HDR AS50

Sony corporation is a Japanese multinational company established in 1946. The company is engaged in the production of video games, music, television, communication devices, cameras, etc. Sony FDR-X3000, Sony DSC-RX0 is Sony’s best product for sports photography. Sony HDR AS50 is the best option for an affordable price, easy to use action shooting experience. It has a waterproof case, long battery life, and good picture quality.

5. Olympus Stylus TG Tracker 

Olympus Corporation is a well-recognized camera brand. It is a  Japanese company established in 1919 which manufactures optic products. Mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses were first introduced by Olympus. The cameras come in affordable prices, high quality, and powerful imaging. Olympus Stylus TG Tracker has various modes and sunny and cloudy white balance for perfect photography in light.

6. Drift Ghost 4k

Founded in 2006, Drift is a Chinese company that produces action cameras. 1080p video resolution, 12 MP photo resolution, 12MP time-lapse, 12MP photo burst are its features. Also with the long battery life and 300-degree rotating lens, Drift Ghost 4k is appropriate for action photography and for those who wanna capture their precious moments. The Drift Life app of the camera is free on Android as well as on IOS.

7. Wimius L1

Founded in 2009, Wimius is a Chinese company that produces video projectors and action cameras. Wimius Q1 4K, Wimius Q4 4K, Wimius L1 4K, Wimius L4 4K are few of the company’s action cameras. Wimius L1 4K has an amazing waterproof body with a smooth slo-mo playback feature. With driving mode, the camera can be used as a camcorder for capturing wonderful moments while traveling.

8. Ricoh Theta V 

Ricoh Company Ltd, a Japanese electronics company that is well known for its latest product Ricoh Theta V. Slim and beautiful body and easy to use, this sports camera also features 3D photography. The camera itself stitches the photos and edits the image light corrections. The camera has Wifi, HDMI, and USB connectivity. Such a pocket-sized model and cool photo editing feature lure adventurers and sportsmen.

9. Polaroid Cube

Polaroid Corporation is an American company that is an eyewear and electronics manufacturer. And also former film and camera maker. After the bankruptcy in 2008, the new Polaroid Originals is formed. The pocket-sized body and HD video recording make Polaroid Cube a perfect camera for sport as well as action photography. It is packed with shock and flash resistance and a 124-degree wide-angle lens.

10. Kodak Pixpro SP360

The Eastman Kodak company referred to as Kodak is an American company that manufactures camera-related products and also furnishes packaging, functional printing, etc. Kodak PIXPRO SP360 digital action camera is an ultra-versatile camera appropriate for action shooting with a dustproof body and wireless connection. Image stabilization with the freezeproof, dustproof, shockproof body are the PIXPRO features and make it lovable for many photographers.