Top 10 Best All Time Favorite Dance Forms


Dance is an art that includes rhythmic movement of the whole body, facial expressions and gestures, and also social interaction. For some people, dance is just a source of entertainment but for others, it can be their passion and profession. With years many dance styles have changed, merged and now a new mixture and variety of dance forms have evolved all around the world. Here is a list of the top 10 dance forms that are very well known especially among the youths.

1. Kathak

This dance form has its origin in India. It is among the very famous dance form of Indian classical dances. The name “Kathak” is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning a ‘story teller’. This dance form was traditionally performed by North Indian Kathakar or storyteller. It is a form of Central Asian dance with traces of Persian dance in it. This dance form is very difficult and has a story to narrate. This dance form was initially used to narrate stories of Indian Lord Krishna and to date is considered as a sacred form of Indian culture.

2. Hip hop dance

Hip hop is a form of street dance that is performed on hip–hop music. It includes locking, popping, breaking, etc. This dance form gained popularity because of various reality dance shows all across the world. It is supposed to have been originated in the United States around the 1970s. This dance form today is such immensely popular that it is on the mind of all the budding young dancers. This is practiced in dance schools, dance studios, and even on the streets.

3. Belly dance

Belly dance is originated from the states of Egypt and is a middle eastern folk dance. It has minute changes in costumes and dance styles from region to region and from country to country. It is a very expressive dance form that involves very difficult and complex movements of the torso. Its complexity makes it more interesting and the rebel youngsters who believe in themselves and are ready to take up challenges have made this dance form more and more popular.

4. Salsa

Salsa is a dance having mixed origin from New York and America. It includes various movements that are from many other dance forms like Mambo, cha-cha-cha, Cuba n son, etc. This dance form is very popular and now is used in form of social dance. It is originally a partner dance but now various forms have come up. This dance is very well known in the American states, Australian regions, European and Asian countries. This dance form is performed as a ritual on many occasions in different cultures.

5. Ballet dance

Ballet means “to dance”. In the 15th century, this dance form was originated in Italy. It has mixed styles of France and Russian dance. It is a quite challenging dance form including acrobatics movements and many more. It has global recognition and is taught in many dance schools. Although this dance training requires years of hard work, there are several dancers and performers worldwide who aspire to become great ballet dancers.

6. Tap dance

Tap dance uses the sound of tapping feet on the floor. In tap dancing, rhythm is generated by tapping and sliding the feet on the floor. It is usually done on a plain floor but sometimes done on scattered sand on the floor to enhance the sound produced by feet. No special shoes are required for this dance form but the sound is produced by the shoes having a metal tap on the toe or the heel. It mainly includes the Jazz Rhythm tap and the Broadway tap.

7. Yangko dance

Yangko opera is a type of song theatre of Chinese origin. It was originated in 1942 by the Yangko opera siblings in a performance. It is somewhat a type of a spoken drama with music and dance. In this dance style, the performers follow three steps which include three steps forward then three steps behind then pause and again repeat. Its authenticity makes this dance form more auspicious and entertaining. This dance form was only famous in China but soon gained popularity in other nations getting it global recognition.

8. Gangnam style

This Korean dance form was originated on 12 th July 2012 in the Gangnam District of South Korea. Within few months and in the same year it became the first YouTube video to cross the milestone of 1 billion views. This dance style gained popularity because of its entertaining music. Its easy and attractive moves can be performed with very little practice and a lot of ease and therefore this song and dance style soon became a social media sensation.

9. Breakdance

B-boying, B-breaking or popularly known as the Breakdance is an athlete form of street dance that originated in the mid-1970s. This dance became popular and started spreading worldwide covering Canada, Japan, Russia, Germany, United Nations, and South Korea. It mainly includes 4 types of movements – top rock, power moves, down rock, and freezes. It can be performed on various tempos and beat patterns like hip–hop and funk music.

10. Line dance

As per the name, in Line dance, there are a group of performers usually lined in a row facing in the same direction or facing each other. Inline dance, all the performers have to do the same step or move and at the same time. To match the perfect timing requires a lot of practice and dedication. Unlike other group dance forms, there is no physical contact between the dancers or the performers. It can be called one of the most organized dance forms.