Top 10 Alternative Fashion Styles For Men And Women!


Mainstream fashion is good for almost everyone, but if you want to stand out in a crowd, you need to try alternative fashion styles. Alternative fashion can do so much for our wardrobe and also to your vibe. So here we bring you top 10 alternate fashion, for those who love to slay.

1. Goth

Goth originated in the 1970s from the goth movement that took place in England. The goth culture than steadily moved towards the united states, and now it is making a steady appearance in the mainstream fashion industry internationally. The gothic clothing includes corsets, handkerchief hems, pale makeup and dark colors, specifically black. Since most of the fashion trend is dominated by black, it is popularly known by many. Lace is also an important feature in goth fashion.

2. Street

Street fashion, also called as urban fashion, cropped up from hip-hop and R&B music. It pulls off high end very effortlessly by putting an interesting twist in ready to wear items. It is multi-cultural but has a huge African American influence. Jewelry does play an important role here, and so does sporty wear. Street fashion adds a extra bling into your look that brings everyone’s eyes on you.

3. Hipster

Hipsters are basically people who like riding bicycles, they like to go everywhere and do everything on their bicycles. This fashion reflects upon inner eclectic personalities and their unspoken vow to live their lives away from the mainstream. Skinny jeans have a vital role to play here, and so does leg hugging pants and leggings. Other classic pieces of hipster fashion are the oversized frames, shirts with animal images and forest prints, and a fitted well warn hoodie.

4. Steampunk

Steampunk is more than a style, it is an expression that a person has towards life. It is a blend of Victorian style and futuristic elements, with some steam-inspired reinvention. Their pieces include the victorian corsets, gears, top hats, bustle skirts, and leather. Most of these pieces feature a secret compartment, hidden weapons, and complicated contraptions. It can be a new way of inventing oneself through imagination, a perfect way to stand out.

5. Punk

This is quite popular due to their demonstration in various movies, punk rock wardrobe usually resembles greasers from the 1950s. Jeans, fitted tees, and motorcycle jackets are some of the accessories used in punk fashion. It demonstrates carefree style and not taking bullshit attitude, therefore characterized by metal or bronze skulls, silver spikes, and gold snakes. Here in punk fashion, there are no rules just express yourself the way you want and don’t hold back.

6. Grunge

Grunge fashion is inspired from 90’s fashion in Seattle, it lets you channel your inner Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, or rock the angsty teen spirit with layers of plaid button-downs, floral dresses, oversized skirts, and of course Dr. Martens. Grunge influenced clothing, it’s is all about comfort. A perfect way to transport yourself to a time before smartphones and apps, back when mixtapes were a sign of affection.

7. Bohemian

Bohemian fashion was born in 19660’s as a form of revolt to the mainstream media and government. Bohemian fashion is also known as boho or hippie fashion and is characterized by flowers, peace, and psychedelics. It’s effortless and carefree, it lets you be in peace. The featured accessories worn in boho fashion are flowy dresses or shirts with frilly designs, headbands, and round-rimmed sunglasses. The Beatles played a huge role in popularizing this form of fashion, which can be seen to date.

8. Japanese street fashion

Very prominently seen in Japan, but you can see tiny glances of this around the world. They have emerged from the streets of Japan, therefore it has derived the following name. It originally belonged just to japan but later got influenced by various fashion from around the world. They are considered to be avant-garde almost similar to haute couture.

9. Lolita

Lolita emerged from an explosion between Victorian and Edwardian styles of kid’s clothing from the rococo period. They can be further subdivided into goth, classic and sweet substyles. What makes lolita stand out in this list is how aesthetically cute it is. Its clothings is featured by frilly dresses with puffy skirts.

10. Soft grunge

Its origin is quite young as compared to the others on this list, it was introduced in the 2010s. What leads to their growth is the website called tumble. Soft grunge is a combination of grunge and feminine fashion, its all about mixing contrasting elements from both styles of fashions. The accessories commonly worn in soft grunge fashion are plaid shirts, denim shorts, ripped jeans, floral dresses, and shoes like creepers and doc martens.