Top 10 Amazing Guitar Types; A guide For Beginners!


Guitars are said to be one of the most loved instrument, especially when you want to make someone fall for you, guitar surely spreads the charm. Also, it sounds very soothing and directly hits the heart, so here are the top 10 guitar types every musician must try their hands on.

1. Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are surely a classic, they are available in two types. One has a steel string and the next one being classical, which has nylon strings. The one with steel string creates a sound that is metallic and can be composed of different music styles and trends. They share a close resemblance with the old school flat top guitars. Also, they are hollow on the inside and have a deep tone to it, therefore perfect for strumming, this guitar is often used, for country songs.

2. Electric Guitar

An electric guitar is much more than just a guitar, it is an emotion. Mostly, they are used to play rock, jazz, and even blues or pop music. Generally, they are plugged into a high voltage amplifier when played. The purpose of doing this is to achieve the desired loudness and bass. The application of the amplifier produces a more metallic volume with a boost and a long decay. The strings used here are thinner, and electric guitar is more popular, in punk rock bands because of the perfect sound it produces.

3. Twelve-string guitar

As the name suggests, they have twelve strings, very different from the usual six-string model that you see in the market. The odd-numbered string sound different than the even-numbered string. Therefore, these strings are played in pairs and not individually like an ordinary six-string guitar. The tone they produce is much clear, and you need to practice a lot to play it like a pro!

4. Arch-top guitar

This one right here is a bit unique, they are semi-hollow with steel strings. One of the most preferred guitar for Jazz guitarist, acoustic guitar and electric archtop guitars have a similar build, they are still different internally. They have an inner electromagnetic pickup and also consist of a pot that is absent in the acoustic guitar. They are more priced than usual guitar but surely worth your penny.

5. Steel guitar

They were originally built, in Hawai, unlike others, they are heavier. They are available in two types, the first one is played is different, placed horizontally on the player’s knees, crossways, and consists of a mechanical tactic like the one present in a harp. These pedals are used for changing the pitch of every single string individually. Whereas the other one needs to be played on your lap using a solid still bar on the horizontally laid down neck.

6. Resonator guitar

Unique in every sense, this one doesn’t have the usual soundhole present in most guitars. Instead of that, it has a bigger circular plate which, does the job of hiding the resonator cone well. This cone works like a loudspeaker and is made of spun aluminum. Therefore it tends to release a very different bright and clear sound, which can be heard equally well in large rooms and a live performance in the open air. Mostly, preferred by country music artists and blues singers but has found popularity in mainstream music these days as well.

7. Electrifying bass guitars

This one keeps getting popular each passing day, they are characterized, by wide-scale length thick strings. The length of the strings provides the player with a variety of notes, which happen to match the lowest four strings. They are available in two types, one is the electric bass, and the other one is the usual acoustic one. They make the inaccessible notes easily accessible, so you can do a lot of experimentation here.

8. Double-neck guitar

As the name suggests, this one has two different diverse guitars in the same body. One of them is a standard conventional neck holding the six strings, and the other one is a twelve-string one. Even though they are different, they have the same body that serves as a resonating center in this case. Extremely useful when one needs to keep changing the notes, and a single guitar cannot cover it all. A perfect choice for live performances or when the guitar player needs to work on a multi-guitar track at the same time in a recording.

9. Spanish guitar

Since guitar originated from Spain, this one can be said to be the earliest and the first form of a guitar. They are used to play conventional music with a classical background. Its main characteristic is that it is made of wood and has a big soundbox. Compared to the others, they produce a different calmer sound, which is also slightly muted. It is absolutely sweet and ideal to be placed, in the classical genre.

10. Flamenco guitar

Flamenco guitar and Spanish guitar share a close resemblance the major difference is that in a Flamenco the fretboard is wider. This one is mostly chosen by country users who need to work on a long variation of notes and is meant for advanced learners.