Top 10 Amazing Movies On Netflix India

netflix India

Wanna Netflix and chill but unable to choose good movies? Don’t worry here is a list of Indian Netflix movies for you.

1. Bulbbul

The movie takes you back in time when young girls were married to an elderly man. Bulbbul is the name of the main character played by Tripti Dimri who stays alone in a grand haveli handling the households all by herself. The movie spins when the younger son of the family returns after five years and finds the choti bahu being all by herself, strong and bold. The movie brings up the horror and the past of the haveli which amazes the audience.

2. Gunjan Saxena:the kargil girl

Inspired by a real-life war girl who is fearless, young, and wants to serve her country. She makes history by becoming the first female Indian Air Force officer to make her flight in a combat zone during the Kargil War of 1999. The movie shows a loving father-daughter pair and how he supports her and motivates her to fly above the gender inequalities and serve her country and be the Kargil girl.

3. Raat Akeli Hai

When a newlywed man is mysteriously murdered and a misfit police man’s investigation is complicated and interrupted by the secret family of the man who is murdered. This crime drama really makes you stick to your seat. Also, the actors portrayed the emotions and actions really well which makes its suspense and mystery fit in. Overall the movie is good as it keeps mystery engaging.

4. Drive

The movie revolves around a group of ordinary people who join a thief in his heist and they plan for robbing the unparalleled tightly secured Rashtrapati Bhavan which holds wealth unknown. The heist thrill and amusement are good and the scenes of planning and heist are really good. The race scenes, in the beginning, give déjà vu like many Hollywood movies. The songs are also delightful and the audience loved it.

5. Lust stories

The movie shows four mini-movies about four different stories of love, lust, understanding, and trust. Each story brings up common things that come up in everyone’s mind at some point in life but people don’t speak it out open. It puts light on topics from the point of view of Indian women, how they think, how society sees them, and much more. It shows how we should accept such topics and empower our women.

6. Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai

The movie shows modern middle-class problems in how a young couple goes through it with a child and the female of the house works and the male being the house husband. Tired with her daily lifestyle, one fine day she discovers that bundles of money packed in plastic chokes her sink due to which it overflows. So she starts collecting that money daily from her sink and thus the trail of greed and adventures begins.

7. Guilty

Focused on a young audience, Guilty is a suspense thriller about a girl claims being rapped and due to her past experiences and image in her college, no one believes her. Thus the race for finding the guilty begins as she seeks helps from media and other organizations but she doesn’t find enough help and the boy has a good image and belongs to a reputed family. To know the truth whether is he guilty or not, watch Guilty.

8. The Lunchbox

A unique mistake by a tiffin carrier results in Ila’s tiffin, which was made for her husband. But it is delivered to Saajan Fernandes a widow on verge of retirement. Ila discovers about the affair of her husband but unique the bond of friendship blooms. Soon they realize the dabbawala’s mistake and they share each other’s life experiences via the letters in the dabbas.

9. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 

A young group of school friends goes to Manali trip on their own. The gang involves the silent scholar, the naughty backbencher, the beautiful butterfly, the bold bro girl, and many more. The movie shows how they bond strongly throughout the trip and part their ways for careers. Then after years they meet again for the marriage of Aditi and emotions bloom and unsaid love makes it way again.

10. Kahaani

The movie revolves around how a pregnant woman seeks justice for her husband who was murdered and alleged for poison gas bomb blast. In the journey of seeking justice how she finds the evil and the true culprit behind her husband’s death with the help of a policeman. The perfect combination of suspense, thriller, brutality, and emotions makes it surely a worth watch.