Top 10 Animated Shows For Adults

animated shows for adults

Remember the days when we just use to watch animated content wasn’t that amazing. If you still feel like reliving those days of yours, here we are at your rescue. Here are the top 10 animated shows you must binge-watch!

1. Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is a Netflix original animated series that, is set in an imaginary world where talking animals co-exist with humans and how they narrate the story of a washed-up sitcom star who is deeply flawed. The lead character here wants nothing more than to be a good person and happens to be a horse. The series very smartly tackles social issues such as depression, addiction, narcissism, sexism, gun violence, and the #MeToo movement.

2. Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burger will definitely be one of the smartest and funniest shows you will watch. And the fun fact here is the show achieves all this by being mean-spirited or tone-deaf. All the characters in this show are the least problematic characters on television, and all of these characters, do not adhere to any of the stereotypes. An ideal family sitcom for today’s values, every episode is a breezy watch that consists of some wonderful musical numbers.

3. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty are one of the most popularly seen animated shows in today’s time and, it has a huge fandom around the world. It is like a mystery box since each of the episodes will deliver something completely unexpected, to you, such as channel-surfing on an interdimensional cable hook-up or Rick turning himself into a pickle. The show has improvisational comedy to it, which is very rare to see in an animated series. By far, the show has four seasons as of yet, but there are no signs of having a fifth one.

4. F is for Family

Another Netflix original F is for family, is a family sitcom that is set in the 1970s. The series revolves around great Bill Burr as Frank Murphy, a grumpy patriarch who struggles to put food on his kid’s table. The first season was not quite well since it has a lot of political incorrectness to it but stick by it because the second and third seasons are excellent. They revolve around sexism, racism, and other isms of its 70s setting in a very unique way.

5. Batman: The animated series

There is so much content out there related to Batman comic, but this one is the best you must have seen. Not just the best Batman cartoon but in general, the best cartoon you will ever see. The best part of these series is their writers, animators, and voice actors. The storytelling and characterization here are so mature that it will be loved not just by the kids but also by the older age group.

6. Futurama

The Simpsons actually laid the foundation for this series called Futurama, and it has made some groundbreaking innovations for today’s shows. Basically, it is a science fiction that is set in the future, probably 1000 years from now. The series consists of the mindblowing storyline, heartbreaking moments, and some pointed social satire that people in today’s time absolutely love!

7. Adventure Time

Adventure time is another fantastic series that will soon addict you to it since it is appealing for almost every type of person out there. The series revolves around the adventures of a wise-cracking anthropomorphic dog and his sidekick who are in a fantasy realm. It is much like Rick and Morty since they both have trippy visuals and genre thrills. What’s even better here is that the episodes here are just 11 minutes long so, it’s easy to binge-watch.

8. Big Mouth

Bigmouth is definitely one of its kind shows especially, for the new age crowd because the show is a sheer depiction of puberty.
Each and every character here is lumbered, with a Hormone Monster. A hormone monster is a beast that appears out of nowhere whenever something is an embarrassing or sexually confusing thing happens. The show even displays the female perspective of puberty which, is an overlooked aspect of society.

9. Final Space

The final space is classified as a comedy but has more drama to it. But the movie is a delight that will bring laughs out of you organically, seeing the character’s interactions. But it even has an emotional touch to it, other than that the characters are loveable, unpredictable storyline and smooth animation, so overall, you will love it!

10. Archer

Archer is nothing but a hilarious parody of the spy movies and their stars like James Bond. The earlier seasons of this shows are quite straightforward espionage spoofs, but, on the other end, the recent seasons are keeping things fresh by turning it into an anthology show where each season puts the same characters into a genre of pulp fiction. Very much similar to a detective story or an exotic adventure in the upcoming final season, retrofuturistic science fiction.