Top 10 Beautiful Beach Travel Destinations


A beach destination is always an excellent choice for a fun and relaxing vacation. It has vast stretches of white sand and clear turquoise waters also waving palm trees and perfect tranquil ambiance. If all of this sounds amazing to you this list is for you! In which we will look at Top 10 Beach Travel Destinations.

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, also known as South Africa’s Mother City, has some of the globes most spectacular beaches in its backyard, just minutes from the city’s center. From family friendly beaches located on the False Bay coastline to the stunning beaches for the rich and beautiful located on the spectacular Atlantic Seaboard, you are sure to find a long stretch of sand that suits your fancy. My favorite picks are Camps Bay and Llandudno.

2. Banana Beach, Koh He (Coral) Island, Phuket, Thailand

Thailand, Phuket has an array of amazing beaches to choose from but this one in Koh he is a must-visit. It has a backdrop of the green jungle that looks out on crystal-clear water. all are part of a marine preservation area (30 minutes by boat from Chalong Pier on Phuket). If you are into adventure you can try Banana Boat ride, snorkeling, sea kayaking, and parasailing. With almost no infrastructure and only one restaurant built of bamboo, this is a great, spot to hang out for the day in the sun.

3. Maui, Hawaii

We all have heard about this place once and it’s for the right reasons it is among the most iconic bucket-list beach destinations one can have. Its beaches Kaanapali Beach and Kapalua Beach regularly rank among the best in the world. but while Maui lacks in affordability, it makes it up for with beauty and novelty far beyond the perfect palm-fringed beaches.

4. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

This place is a natural UNESCO World Heritage site which is 224 miles off the northern coast of Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is home to three of the world’s top-ranked beaches. There is a limit to the number of visitors here to protect its delicate ecosystems and also the wildlife. Those who are lucky enough to experience Noronha’s secluded beaches will see crystal clear waters and reddish sand also volcanic cliffs covered in lush vegetation, you might also sight local spinner dolphins.

5. Crete, Greece

This place is not as popular or even pricey—as other beaches in Greece but that adds to its plus point and it still offers a lot of sun, sand, and history. You can break time between the rich culinary culture the island has to offer also its ancient ruins and alluring beaches. You can relax in sheltered coves and enjoy the mesmerizing view.

6. Palm Beach, Aruba

This is a two-mile-long strip on the northwest side of the island and is filled with activities to keep you entertained all day and night. You can try your hand at parasailing or even snorkeling before sitting down to enjoy a wonderful barefoot lunch at Pelican Pier Bar during the day. Then you can head over to the nearby casinos, restaurants, and even nightclubs at night to spice up your lazy day.

7. French Polynesia

This place offers 118 islands which are dotted in the South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia has some awesome beaches. Just 12 miles or 19 km long, the Bora Bora lies in French Polynesia’s and it is the most mesmerizing lagoon with fine white sandy shores. It has Luxurious over-water bungalows nestled over this beautiful lagoon with a tropical backdrop make Bora Bora is a top destination for the discerning travelers.

 8. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

While it is one of the most popular beaches on the island, Horseshoe Bay has a wonderful little hidden secret: Port Royal Cove, which has shallow water and is perfect for young kids, and the dramatic rock formations that complement so wonderfully with soft, pink sand. Although all beaches on this list are unique this one stands out and is a must-visit.

9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is the most family-friendly at the same time affordable beach destinations in the U.S. Here you can find 60 miles of sandy shores with a lot of fun activities for kids, plus there are reasonably priced condo-style accommodations that we all love. There’s always something fun happening in Myrtle Beach, from the opening of new restaurants and breweries to entertaining special events year-round.

10. Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

There’s a reason that stars like Bruce Willis and Donna Karan have built their vacation homes at this place, This 1,000-acre private island is only accessible by a good 35-minute boat ride from Providenciales, and it is also home to one luxury resort and other few private villas. Yes, that’s right, your entire vacation could be spent without seeing another soul.