Top 10 Beaches In Mumbai One Must Visit


Imagine the beautiful evening sky with the sun setting into the cool seawater and the waves washing your feet on the warm sand. This is the experience felt by most of the people who visit Mumbai or Mumbaikars. A city formed from islands, Mumbai has many beaches. So here are the top 10 beaches in Mumbai which you don’t wanna miss.

1. Marine drive beach

Besides the six-lane concrete Marine Drive is the Marine Drive beach. It is much clean and clear than the Girgaon Chowpatty beside it. The beach witnesses the Ganpati visarjan and many marathons and airshows. The beach and the Marine Drive are a well-known tourist spot of attraction and are compared to Miami’s ocean drive. The beach looks beautiful at night as the Queen’s Necklace (Marine Drive) glows and is a worth visiting place in Mumbai

2. Juhu beach

Next to the “Beverly Hills of Mumbai” Juhu, is the Juhu beach. The nearest station is the Versova metro station. The beach is famous for street food and loved by foodies. Also, celebrities’ bungalows and houses lure visitors and tourists. The location is used for shooting many films and local shoots. But due to the increasing pollution and plastic littering, it is unsafe to wander and go into the water.

3. Versova beach

Next to Juhu beach is the Versova beach which is famous for the fish market. One can visit there easily from the Versova metro railway station. Again due to the fishing activities, oil spill pollution and plastic littering the beach is not usually used for visiting. Various cleaning campaigns keep going on the Juhu and the Versova beach. Besides, this beach is also used for Ganapati visarjan and is also famous for the ISKON temple nearby.

4. Aksa beach

Very well known as a picnic spot, Aksa beach is famous in Mumbai. One can reach there from Malad or Borivali or Andheri railway station via BEST buses or you can also hire a private vehicle. One might find it difficult to reach as it is far from the city and infrequent buses. But the beach also accommodates cottages and hotels which can be used by visitors and tourists to rent. In spite of the swimming prohibition, people can enjoy the sands as it is one the Mumbai’s cleanest beaches.

5. Dadar beach

The Dadar beach and the Shivaji Maharaj park are the common visiting points of Dadar. This place is used for various political rallies and programs. The beach provides a gigantic view of Bandra Worli Sea Link. Also, the beach is used by locals for morning walks, relaxing yoga, and evening tea. In short, the beach may not be appropriate for swimming as the water is dirty but overall it is a place to relax and chill with the park beside.

6. Gorai beach

First, you need to reach the Marve beach from Borivali or Malad railway station. From Marve beach, one need to take a ferry ride to Gorai beach. The ferry ride to Gorai beach is itself soothing to eyes and minds. The beach is clean and also the air is refreshing as it is away from the main city. Also, beach food stalls are hygienic and affordable. The place is really calm and clean and a good option for a day trip. It is a place one must visit if visiting Mumbai.

7. Girgaon Chowpatty

The beach got its name in Marathi as it formed by four creeks ( Chau pati). It is nearest to the Churni Road station. Girgaon Chowpatty is a public beach in Mumbai. It is a worth visiting place in spite of the crowd as many devotees from Mumbai as well as Pune come to the beach for the Ganpati visarjan. One can also witness the visarjan of the famous Lalbaug cha raja, Ganpati idol there. It has no entry fees and is kids friendly till evening as many couples are spotted during the sunset.

8. Erangal beach

Erangal beach is a small island beach in Madh, Mumbai. But first to reach Erangal beach, one needs to go to Marve beach from Malad or Borivali railway station. From Marve beach, you need to get into a 15 min ferry ride to reach Erangal beach. Erangal is basically a small village in Madh with a 500-year-old church which is a must-visit spot. The place has many bungalows and hotels for visitors and the sweet breeze during the evening and the sand is just flawless.

9. Madh Island beach

Madh Island is a fishing village island which is also a residential place with many celebrity bungalows. The beach is utter beauty with clean water, warm sand, and is a good place for fish shopping. One can reach there by private vehicle from Malad and Borivali railway station or can get a ferry service from Versova beach. The beach is a typical habitat of Kohli’s so one can experience a delicious marine cuisine. Also, the Madh fort near the beach catches one’s eye.

10. Uttan beach

One can reach the beach from the Bhayandar railway station via auto-rickshaw or the bus. This place is basically a small hilltop with a beach. Also, fishing is practiced there so you can enjoy the really awesome fish dishes there. The place also has hotels for tourists and visitors accommodation. This place is a perfect stress buster for today’s strenuous lifestyle. Not only Mumbaikars but also people outside Mumbai must visit this place.