Top 10 Beautiful Types Of Rangoli; Diwali 2020

Rangoli Diwali 2020

Well, aren’t we all excited since our favorite festival is approaching soon. Let me give you a hint, this festival brings light into our lives. Yes, I am talking about Diwali, where we all put our best clothes on, decorate our houses and eat the sweetest delights. Another major part of Diwali is Rangoli, so we present you with some simple yet mesmerizing rangoli designs that one must try in 2020. 

1. Dotted rangoli

Dotted rangoli is probably one of the easiest yet classic rangoli style. All you have to do is use a stencil to put the dots on the floor. And then join them according to the design you wish to create. All you have to do is carefully join the dots. Once you are done, creating an outline, don’t forget to erase the extra dots. Also, try drawing the outline with white rangoli powder, and then you may fill the outline with any color you desire. 

2. Flower rangoli

Flower rangoli is an ideal option for those who don’t have the patience to fill the intricate designs of the rangoli. This one is actually very simple and, is considered to be a traditional form of rangoli in India. All you need to do is trace out the design you wish to create with the help of chalk, and now fill it by either using flowers or flower petals. You may even use some leaves to add more color to it.  

3. Sanskar Bharti rangoli

Sanskar Bharti rangoli is my personal favorite because it is just absolutely stunning, and it brings out the true authenticity of the festival. Most of the people seem scared to create this one due to its intricate detailing. But you can even draw simpler options, which are equally beautiful. It has originated from Maharashtra and, this style is named so, due to the design and pattern which, is made with any circles that represent Sanskar of India. Traditional rangolis were always round in shape, but due to new trends, people now seem to draw other geometric shapes too.

4. Peacock rangoli

Peacock rangoli as the name suggests is creating a peacock. Well, this isn’t any ordinary peacock that you have to draw. There is a variety of designs that one can draw here that will easily whoo people passing by. There is the freehand style, which is not that complicated to create. Just draw a peacock with huge feathers and then incorporate any design of your choice into the feathers. 

5. Diya Rangoli

Diya rangoli is very similar to peacock rangoli. Here you have to make a huge Diya, which you have to then layers with different designs. These a very popular form of rangoli during Diwali since the image of Diya perfectly matches the Diwali theme. You can change the size of Diya according to your convenience, you dont necessarily have to make a huge one. A small Diya with a couple of layered deign will too do a pretty well job for you. 

6. Kolam Rangoli

Kolam Rangoli is a traditional form of rangoli that has originated from Tamil Nadu. This form is drawn, with the help of some special ingredients such as rice flour, chalk powder, and rock powder. This style is extremely popular, in Sri Lanka, southern states of India, and some parts of Goa, Maharashtra, as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Kolam isn’t as tough as it might sound, it is basically a geometrical line drawing composed of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots. Kolam is a completely white rangoli. 

7. Square Rangoli

Square rangoli is exactly what its name suggests, this one has a square shape. You need to decorate it with anything you like, it can be some geometrical designs, floral designs, layered design, and whatnot. Here it is like a square canvas, in which you can create anything you wish. 

8. Geometric Rangoli

Geometric rangoli is a fusion of geometry and rangoli. It definitely requires a high level of focus to draw, but it will be definitely, worth the effort. All you need to do is draw designs with lots of geometric designs in it. Then color it with a beautiful color combination to make it look, more beautiful. It might sound complicated, but once you get a touch of it, you won’t be able to stop yourself from drawing another one of these. 

9. Wooden Rangoli

Wooden rangoli is a very modernized version of rangoli well, this is for all the lazy fellows out there. All you will need to do is take a small wooden board cut it according to your desired shape. And then permanently decorate it by either painting and sticking small stones, laces, and other art pieces. This is a permanent rangoli which you can place anywhere you want. If you are good at keeping things, you could even use it next year. 

10. Floating Rangoli

Floating rangoli is another modernized version of rangoli. Well, you dont have to be specialized to make them. All you need to a beautiful bowl, fill it with normal water or any color watered you wish for. Later you can put flowers or flower petals in it with some floating Diyas. And you are all set to give a royal touch to your house this Diwali. 


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