Top 10 Benefits Of CBD Oil You Should Know About

Uses of CBD oil

We covered various types of CBD Oil that can be used, some with drinks, some otherwise, but how can one talk about the Top 10 types of CBD Oil when the benefits of the oil are unknown?! An increasing number of corporations have started selling supplements, salves, and other products prepared with CBD oil, typically promoting these items as natural treatments for problems like anxiety and pain.

By now, it is a known fact that despite CBD oil being a product of cannabis, it does not have ‘high’ effects and has a good number of health benefits. From anxiety-related issues to Insomnia and cancer, we have explained the top 10 benefits of CBD oil in this article!

Helps with Anxiety

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CBD helps reduce anxiety-related problems because it changes the way one’s brain receptors respond to serotonin. It relieves anxiety, reduces stress, decreases the effects of anxiety-like an increased heart rate, and induces sleep in people who have Insomnia.

Could be a possible treatment for Epilepsy

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A study was conducted in 2016 on 214 people with Epilepsy. It was found that participants had 36.5 percent fewer seizures per month when CBD doses (2 to 5 mg) were taken each day with their existing epilepsy medications. But, researchers are constantly working towards knowing if it is fully safe to use because 12% of the participants had severe adverse effects. Still, there’s hope that it could be a possible medication for Epilepsy.

Effects on Neurodegenerative diseases

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Like Epilepsy, there is very little research on whether CBD oil will protect against/ help people with neurodegenerative disorders (it weakens their response to stimuli). It can also reduce inflammation which makes neurodegenerative symptoms worse. If the researchers prove that CBD oil is neuroprotective, it can be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.

Pain management

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The few studies and research conducted on the use of CBD oil to cure pain shows that it could work well, and in fact, it could relieve symptoms caused by Arthritis, chronic pain, muscle pain and spinal cord injuries.

Acne management

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CBD oil may help reduce overall inflammation in the body and offer benefits for acne management. Still, it is best to consult your dermatologist before using it for acne/include it in your skincare routine.


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CBD oil reduces inflammation, and that’s how it can prevent the growth of cancer cells and moderate the reproduction of cancer cells. It helps alleviate cancer symptoms and cancer treatment side effects.

Maintain heart health

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CBD has anxiety regulating properties responsible for the decrease in blood pressure, and if the blood pressure is in check, that’s how your heart health is maintained. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help prevent heart-related problems.

Drug addiction

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In research conducted by the University of Montreal, it was concluded that CBD shows promising effects in cases of drug addiction like opioids and cocaine. It also helps in the treatment of cannabis and nicotine addiction.


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Anorexia is an eating disorder, and it has one of the highest death rates; it is important to find ways to boost hunger levels, and CBD exactly helps with that. It increases hunger and lowers the impact of anorexia on the body.


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CBD helps treat pain and anxiety, and this is how it can help one sleep better. It works well for people who have Insomnia and other sleep disorders. People who have Insomnia also suffer from anxiety-related problems, and if it can help with anxiety, it can sure help with Insomnia.