Top 10 Best Adult Card Games To Play At Parties

card games to play at parties

Just because we’ve grown up, doesn’t mean we no longer like card games. I would consider beating a group of people at cards one of the greatest pleasures in life. Not to mention, it’s more fun than small talk. So here are a few fun ice breakers to have on hand for your next party. Or family night. 

Blink card games

From the makers of UNO, Blink is the perfect game to play with the whole family. Advertised as the world’s fastest card game, it’s lively, engaging and sure to keep you on your toes. 

The only drawback is that it uses two players. So the rest of the party will have to serve as an audience. Don’t worry though, the games are short and quick. 

That’s What She Said

Another fast-paced game albeit, not one you want to play with children. This game tests how good your innuendo skills are. Or, for lack of a better description – how dirty your brain is. Luckily, chances are the dirtier your brain, the harder you will laugh. 

Cards Against Humanity

The original cheeky card game, Cards Against Humanity essentially tests your ability to make outrageous sentences. Or simply put, your ability to make your friends laugh by connecting two random, obscure sentences. It’s perfect for an icebreaker or even just as a group activity. It does a splendid job making everyone laugh. Not to mention, it’s very easy to play. 

Taboo The Guessing Game

Back to the realm of family-friendly entertainment, Taboo is a guessing game. It would be best described as a child of Pictionary and Cluedo. Basically, you draw a card and then you have a time limit within which you have to describe the word on the card to the other players without using any of the supplementary trigger words on the card. It makes for a well-paced, extremely competitive game while also being difficult to master. 


Speaking of Pictionary, the well-known board game also has a compact card version that is just as fun. Of course, you will need a pen and some paper but otherwise, the cards are a very substitute. Also, the game is ridiculously easy and always good to keep as entertainment for guests of any age. 

Disturbed friends

Now, onto more very R Rated games. This one, if you didn’t already guess from the title is not suitable for anyone under 21. In fact, that’s the first line of advertising. It’s literally not meant for anyone under 21. The premise is, it gives you a very controversial topic and then makes your friends vote on the outcome. Suffice to say, it not for the fainthearted and it’s not for the immature. 

Never Have I Ever

A classic party game as a card deck. The main letdown of never have ie ever has always been the unoriginality of the players. It’s difficult to come up with compelling scenarios over and over again. So, this deck does it for you. It might as well be more fun than the original game since it takes away the anxiety of making a new question every turn.

Social Humour

This is basically Cards Against Humanity but with a twist. It’s geared towards Indians. So the cards have quintessentially Indian phrases and sentences for you to work with and are bound to make you fall over laughing. Also, it has a set of rules to follow during the game. This ups the humor quotient quite a bit.

Cards vs Sanskaar

This is also an Indian version of cards against humanity. The main difference being that while Social Humour had both Hindi and English, Cards Vs Sanskaar, is only in English. Not to mention its slightly better quality. 

Would You Rather

Another classic party game made easy. These decks provide a large selection of questions for you to pull from. All ready and requiring no work on the part of you and your guests. It’s guaranteed to make your guests have a good time while also ensuring they don’t have to sweat too much. 

So, happy playing. Enjoy the cards.