Top 10 Brownies; Have You Had These Amazing Treats?


Brownies are without a doubt, our all-time go-to food, no matter in which mood we are brownies always makes things better. It is a classic dessert which has over the years went through the various twist and turn. So today we are gonna, look at the top 10 brownies that you must not miss.

1. Chocolate mint brownies

I know you will be unsure about this but, trust me chocolate, and mints together are the best combination ever. Mint and chocolate brownies are very easy to make and amazing option when you are having guests over at your place. A special fact about this one is that the longer you leave them in the fridge, it becomes moister. But I assure you won’t be able to leave them for that long since they are so yummy and delicious.

2. Chunky blond brownies

Every bite of this beauty is an absolute delight, it is packed with chunks of white and semisweet chocolate and macadamia nuts. It is an explosion of texture and flavors that Chunky Blond Brownies will knock your socks off! An ideal choice for festive celebrations that will enhance the mood of your celebrations completely.

3. Layered chocolate marshmallow and peanut butter brownies

The name itself shows how loaded and mouth-watering this tasty treat is. The multilayered dessert is intricately designed, with the top layer made up of the gooey marshmallow, and then it’s completed with a crispy chocolate peanut butter mixture. To make your sweet tooth go out of control, try this one you won’t be disappointed.

4. Cream cheese swirl brownies

If you call yourself a chocolate lover, this cream cheese brownies are gonna blow your mind. The bronies are light due to their chewy texture, and rich chocolate, the taste blends perfectly well. They are the right amount of fudgy and chewy, try them yourself, and you too won’t be able to stop complimenting them.

5. Peppermint brownies

The granma’s favorite the classic country fair stunner, this has earned top honors over the years. A perfect choice during holidays, this one too are not that complicated to make. These thick fudgy brownies layered with sweet minty frost and chocolate ganache. They will hit the perfect chord of taste, making you have the time of your life.

6. Candy bar brownie

Candies and brownies are our all-time favorite, imagine having both of them combined, just the sight out it brings water into my mouth. Its nothing too complicated a basic dessert that will make your, and your loved ones day. You even pack them and gift them to your friends and family during special occasions.

7. Cookies and cream brownies

Cookies and creams have been conquering people hearts through their delicious taste, well imagine having it with brownies. You might have to freeze this one since the cream might drip off. You should try adding a layer of cheese cream to it to add a bit more depth and flavor. The crushed cookies also adds fun crunch into this lip-smacking dessert.

8. Frosted fudge brownies

Whether its parties, or family meetings, or just a normal day, you can make them whenever you want. A fudgy chocolate brownie topped with silky smooth chocolate cream creates a world-class brownie. You can add your touch to this dish if you like experimenting with your taste buds.

9. White chocolate cranberry blondies

A perfect choice for wedding desserts, it tastes as fancier as it looks. They are rich, chewy, and loaded with cranberries and white chocolate chips. Perfect as a Christmas treat too. Don’t confuse with the name blondies, they are a little sister of out dear brownies, they are almost similar to each other. Blondies are slightly crispy towards the edge that helps increases the flavor.

10. Coffee and cream brownies

For all the coffee lovers out there, here is the delicious coffee and cream brownies. These rich brownies are topped, with creamy coffee packed filling and a chocolate glaze. To put it together in a few words, it is a triple decadent slice of heaven that you should not miss at all.