Top 10 Best Perfume Reviewers Of All Time

Perfume reviewers

Perfume reviewing is a tough job because it takes so much knowledge, skills, and hard work to sample the product, research it, and stay relevant about new things. One needs to have a great sense of smell, identify scents with precision, and stay up to date with major perfume companies. It is very important to touch upon “perfumery” while we are talking about Perfume reviewers. Perfumery has its history and is both an art and science. Perfumery is not just about flowers and scents. As we mentioned, it is a science, and one needs to embrace that. On this note, let’s look at the Top 10 Perfume Reviewers of All Time!

Jeremy Fragrance

Here’s what Daily Nation said about Jeremy Fragrance, “The most referenced example of a fragrance influencer has to be Jeremy Fragrance.” Jeremy Fragrance is one of the best perfume specialists out there. He has a YouTube channel with 1.47+ million subscribers and has won multiple awards, including the Consumer Choice Award of the Fragrance Foundation. His videos are quite spontaneous, and he likes being transparent while reviewing perfumes. Model turned perfume reviewer is easily the most successful fragrance influencer out there!

Carlos J. Powell

Carlos J. Powell did not start with perfume reviewing in his early life. Before starting a YouTube channel called Brooklyn Fragrance Lover, he did other petty jobs, and he was so good at what he did. He was a nominee in the Consumer Choice Vlog category. He also dreamt of releasing his scent and was working on a fragrance line called Redbrook with Steven Gavrielatos.

Olivier Cresp

Olivier Cresp belongs to a family whose heritage is rooted in perfume. He’s French, and there’s no doubt that best perfumes are from French. Becoming a perfumer was natural for him, and he works for a fragrance house called Firmenich. His style is minimalist, simple and authentic. He’s one of the most distinguished perfumers and has hundreds of creations under his belt.

Max Forti

Max Forti has a YouTube channel with 138K+ subscribers. He reviews fragrances, cologne and perfumes and does occasional giveaways. One can find great fragrances to fit every situation, scenario and occasion on his channel. He believes fragrances help you feel many different ways; it’s emotion in motion. It’s a gateway to new experiences and a time machine for our feelings and memories.

Smell zone

Smell zone is an Indian perfume reviewing channel. It is amazing to see Indians coming forth and contributing and making a career in the perfume industry when foreign perfumers seem to have a monopoly in the business. Smell zone brings the best fragrance reviews, lifestyle videos and giveaways both in Hindi and English. They have 18.5K+ subscribers and still have a long way to go.

Fragrance Bros.

Fragrance Bros. is a YouTube channel with 45K+ subscribers, and Dave is a 34-year old US-based vlogger and is quite witty but at the same time drills the fragrance talk. He has a way of describing scents that are well known to the community. He knows how to get the audience’s attention backing it all up with hard facts. He uses the right words to describe an aroma and knows all the brands, notes and perfumes.

The Perfume Pros

The Perfume Pros is a channel run by two professional pros, Georgina and Sarah. They have an extensive career in the perfume industry and work for the largest perfume distributor in the UK. They offer perfume advice, in-depth reviews on new releases and share their favourite scents. These ladies have an excellent taste in perfumes.

Ellie Smells

Ellie Smells is yet another woman acing the perfume reviewing the game. She is knowledgeable, professional and analyses each fragrance note my note. However, she is new to YouTube but has worked in the perfume industry for over 20 years.


Redolessence is a YouTube channel run by Steven Gavrielatos, a Greek native who immigrated to America. The fragrance has always been a passion for Steven. His favourite brands are Christian Dior and Tom Ford, and he has an expensive taste in perfumes, although he is quite educational and throws light on perfume reviewing as a craft.

Perfume Gyaan

Perfume Gyaan is an Indian YouTube channel and has 20K+ subscribers. Like Smell zone, this channel also has a long way to go when it comes to Indians exploring perfume reviewing and for inclusivity, he makes all the videos in Hindi to reach a wider audience.


  1. I would keep perfume gyaan easily at 2nd or 3rd place at this point. His knowledge is on par and explanation with examples is quite unique. I’m surprised not to see Perfume Guru but he retired so it makes sense. I could easily see Perfume gyaan-Arpit giving tough fight to all the International perfume reviewers very soon.

    • Hey Aditya, Arpit is 100% an amazing perfume reviewer. We did not rank him, it’s just an honourable mention! And, yes, we did not mention perfume Guru for the same reason you mentioned above.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. So happy to see Indian names in the listing. All of them are great and have their own unique quality. I follow- Jeremy (perfume celebrity) , Redolessence (Perfume professor), Perfume Gyaan (Genuine gentleman), Max Forti (Hype creator), Gents scent (Perfume listing master), Perfume guru ( Mr.Guru, not active any more though), Curly scents (best public reviews), & CurlyFragrance (drama/entertainment).

    I think you guys could create an article on answering some perfume related questions like application, storage, buying, expiration etc Jeremy Fragrance and Perfume gyaan Arpit has made videos on these topics.

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