Top 10 Best Psychology Jobs | Psychology Career


Psychology is an interdisciplinary field. Essentially that means it interacts with a wide variety of disciplines. 

In the field of science, psychology is categorized as a hub science. That is, it manages to share knowledge with several other fields in the sciences. The subject has the same reach in the social sciences. With significant overlap in subjects like sociology, anthropology, and philosophy. This gives anybody studying psychology a huge advantage in the job market. As they have a knowledge base applicable to numerous areas of study. Opening the door to countless, diverse post-graduation degrees. 

Psychology graduates can do anything, from business to neuroscience to law. A post-graduate degree, however, is essential. for gaining mastery and expanding on the basic knowledge psychology gives you. If you are interested in pursuing a psychology degree, here are ten of the most common, diverse avenues it opens up:

Clinical Psychology

While it may seem like the conventional path, Clinical Psychology is a field with great promise. It’s perfect for individuals who are interested in studying human behavior and mental health at a deeper level. It’s a broad field with the opportunity to delve into numerous specialties such as child psychology, social psychology, psychopathology, etc. 


Marketing is a common career prospect for a psychology graduate. This is because marketing requires a strong understanding of the buyer’s desires and motivations. A topic that would come under the expertise of most psychology graduates. At the least, a base understanding of psychology is an extremely beneficial addition to any marketer’s skillset.


Law and Psychology are both concerned with human behavior. The only difference being that where psychology aims to study human behavior, the law aims to regulate it. 

So, due to their complementary nature, it is safe to say that, the law is a smart career prospect for a psychology student. And a psychology course beneficial to the education of any law student.


Sociology has a similar prerogative as psychology and the two fields of study have so much overlap that they are often confused for each other. However, they are two distinct fields, and their main differences come in their approach to studying human behaviour. Sociology studies social relationships and the behaviour of groups whereas psychology is more concerned with the study of the individual. 

But, due to this overlap, jobs in fields related to sociology are often well suited to those educated in psychology. These jobs include social work, job analyst, health care worker.

Human Resources

This is a very important organ for most corporations. Human Resource workers deal with the employees of the company; finding, screening, recruiting, and training employees. So of course, they need to be well versed in human behavior. Making this another very lucrative job prospect for a psychology student.


Writing as a profession has always required an innate understanding of the human psyche. For a writer, a psychology degree can be beneficial in helping craft accurate and complex portrayals of characters. In the editing world, it can help frame the author’s intent better and in the corporate sense, psychology can help in the arena of marketing.


Journalism is a field that doesn’t require much in terms of credentials. However, that doesn’t mean that education in psychology doesn’t give you an edge. For starters, it helps you establish an area of expertise. It also helps you craft your media to garner appeal and captivate your audience. 

Additionally, psychology courses tend to train students in research. A skill that is extremely valuable to any journalist. 


Linguistics is the study of language. And it does have a subcategory of study that involves investigation into how humans study languages. This is where psychology comes in. It helps linguists broaden their understanding of the ways humans communicate and use language.


Psychology is the study of mental processes so, neuroscience is an obvious choice for anyone studying psychology. Job prospects range from doctors to lab technicians to artificial intelligence experts.  

Artificial Intelligence

Speaking of artificial intelligence. It is a burgeoning field of science with a lot of promise for psychology students. This is because psychology provides helpful insight into the brains of humans – something that artificial intelligence experts are working tirelessly to replicate. Of course, some technological prowess is often required but it is still a viable career option. Especially if you have the expertise and/or interest in artificial intelligence.