Top 10 Best Red Bull Flavors To Try

Red bull

Every time you have a tired body, frustrated mind, or a restless soul, the first thing that comes to your mind is an Energy Drink. Energy Drinks not only reduces tiredness but also revives the body. The market of Energy Drinks started around the 1960s and today has enormously flourished having hundreds of great companies into the business. One of the most popular brands these days, due to its promising advertisement and comparatively better results, has made it to the most common energy drink being sold in every other grocery shop which is none other than “Red Bull”. For all the red bull lovers who want to try all the amazing flavors of Red Bull, here are the top 10 flavors to start with.

1. Red Bull Watermelon (Summer Edition)

This flavor is specially made to make your summers a little sweeter and bearable. The color of the can is red encasing the most ravishing flavor that you will never regret drinking. The taste is as per the flavor and it is more likely to be a beverage that one can consume twice to thrice a day. When this flavor was launched, this flavor empowered many other flavors of this edition making it the best of all.

2. Red Bull Coconut Berry (Summer Edition)

Another flavor from the summer edition that has won many hearts when it comes to the taste and refreshment is the Red Bull coconut berry flavor. To try this flavor, you need not be a die-hard fan of coconut juice as it has a perfect blend of flavors and berry in it makes it more than just coconut juice. This flavor was launched with limited edition as a trial flavor but soon turned out to be a huge success.

3. Red Bull Arctic Berry (Winter Edition)

The Red Bull winter edition came up in September 2020. The can have a syrupy blue raspberry feel but only after its first sip, you will know that it has a light refreshing flavor which is light icy blue. The Winter is the season of laziness and so to get all your work done and also enjoy the hazy winter atmosphere, Red Bull Arctic Berry is worth giving it a try.

4. Red Bull Tropical (Summer Edition)

This unique edition is canned in bright yellow and this color itself gives a hint of how refreshing and soothing its flavors will be. Although it consists of all artificial flavors, the taste won’t make it any lesser good or won’t disappoint you on picking up this one. The flavors resemble a mixture of apple, pineapple, papaya, lemons, etc. which makes it more of the tropical type flavor.

5. Red Bull Tangerine (Orange Edition)

The orange edition has several flavors with tangerine being its best. Mostly all citrus flavors work well with Red Bull but oranges give the most refreshing combination with Red Bull. If you want an orange soda with lesser calories and a caffeine twist, then this Red Bull Orange Edition’s Tangerine is the perfect choice for you. There are natural as well as artificial flavors.

6. Red Bull Kiwi Apple (Summer Edition)

This lime green can of Red Bull has a flavor that will quench your thirst and also boost your energy for the whole day. It is has a combined flavor of Apple and Kiwi. This flavor isn’t too sweet nor too sour. It has a well-balanced refreshing taste. It tastes like apple juice with a distinct kiwi flavor and caffeine.

7. Red Bull Peach Nectarine (Peach Edition)

A glass of peach juice goes very well as a beverage with almost all cuisines. This peach edition of Red Bull has a peach and nectarine flavor along with caffeine making it a dream beverage. This flavor no doubt was such a success as it was launched a day before Valentine’s Day i.e., 13 th Feb in the year 2019, and from then it is seen in all grocery stores till today.

8. Red Bull Cranberry (Red edition)

Normally cranberry is not a very common flavor for drinks, candies, or sweets, and choosing cranberry flavor over other options is not very often seen. But this Red Bull Red Edition’s cranberry flavor when launched was widely accepted by the consumers and was in demand for years after that. It has a sour and sweet and somewhat tarty taste just like any other berry taste.

9. Red Bull Sugar-free (Pear Edition)

Whenever it comes to the idea of sugar-free products, it is mostly accompanied by artificial sweetness or chemical flavor that tastes unpleasant when temperature increase. But Red Bull Pear Editions sugar-free energy drink is an exception to it. Even though it has a very strong aroma of pear but when it comes to flavor it has a mild sweet Peary taste.

10. Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull company has launched many flavors for years but none of the flavors could ever replace the original one. Especially if you are a fan of Red Bull from the start. Although it is nice to have options to take a break from the original flavor, the new flavors will never permanently replace the very own authentic Red Bull taste. It has a very sharp flavor which makes it the best of all time.