Top 10 Best Successful Businesswomen Of All Time

successful businesswomen of all time

It is indeed a man’s world’. But throughout history and in the modern world, women too have played a very important part. From great leaders to media personages, women had to battle against their male counterparts to get their respective positions. So here is an inspiring list of the top 10 successful businesswomen of all time.

Cher Wang

Ranking first on this list, Cher is perhaps the most successful female entrepreneur around the globe. She has earned her wealth, rather than being born with a golden spoon. She spent many years of her life manufacturing cell phones for others which earned her a neat fortune. Then she set up her own company HTC. She is has a net worth of $6.8 billion, which her HTC smartphones gained in 2010, which accounted for 20% of the smartphone market.

Oprah Winfrey

Being worthy of an estimated $2.7 billion, it’s no surprise that she can afford free cars to bring her audience members. Her fortune grew while creating a television show that women love to watch. Along with appearing on the TV, she has appeared in many other forms of media. She has those influential powers that she had the honorary president Obama twice on her show. She also invited many other world-famous people and donated hundreds of millions to make this world a healthier place for mankind.

Angela Merkel

She is the leader of the most powerful and richest economy of Europe, that is, Germany. Great responsibility rests on her shoulders, which makes her a superwoman, and earns third place on this list. Her leadership and influencing skills are likely to affect millions of Europeans and billions of other people around the world. The economy of the world is effective in her hands. Angela Merkel is the first female leader of Germany and her decisions are likely to make an impact in the history of Germany.

Indra Nooyi

Born in the city of Calcutta in India, Indra Nooyi is one of the most powerful women in the field of business having executive positions in many of the top companies of the world. She is currently Chairwoman and CEO of Pepsico, which is the second-largest food and drink company. She has excelled in business as well as in academics, which made her earn degrees in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Melinda Gates

As her husband is mostly responsible for all her wealth, Melida gates, spouse of Bill Gates, was responsible to come up with an idea to co-found a charitable trust. The organization is sponsored by Bill Gates. But behind every successful man is a woman, without Melinda this would not be possible. Bill Gates has declared that when he expires, all of his fortunes worth $40 billion will be spent for good causes. They have already donated $27 billion to charity.

Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki is one of the most influential woman in business. She has a list of achievements like involvement in founding google, becoming the first marketing manager at Google, and many more. Susan is responsible for helping to turn a great idea into a very profitable one. Now she is the CEO of Youtube. She also led Google’s original video service.

Lady Gaga

Whether you like her music and fashion tastes or not, there is no denying that she is extraordinarily successful within a very short period. She is one of the most successful women in the music industry today. Born as Stefanie Germanotta as her real name is, Lady Gaga is estimated to be nearly $320 million. The reason for her success is that unlike many of her peers and senior singers, she writes her songs and also has a great taste in music, and has a great style which indeed, makes her a huge income.

Sara Blakely

Going from door-to-door to sell fax machines for 7 years, to losing her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer, this is the story of Sara Blakely. She then created “Spanx“, which is a multi-million dollar company of undergarment which makes women look beautiful and in shape. Thus you can say that Sara Blakely is a “Wonder Woman” of the modern world. She has earned her spot as the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world with a current net worth of more than $1 Billion.

JK Rowling

This single mother struggled and wrote the legendary harry potter series that bought a generation of video game players and tv heads back to reading books and exercise their imaginations. Here are another rags to riches story of JK Rowling who wrote Harry Potter books which have become one of the best-selling and loveable by all books of all time. She also managed to produce a major film series and a franchise that incorporates a fully functioning theme park which is the direct competition to Disney’s theme park.

Sheryl Sandberg

Being the first woman to serve the Facebook board of Directors in 2012, Sheryl helped Facebook exceed massively. With her entry into the Board of Directors, the Facebook user base increased by ten times, that is, around 11% of the population of the world. She has a net worth of 180 crore dollars. Her task of monetizing facebook was done successfully by her. She is rumored to cause great profits to the company as much as half the GDP of Ireland. Her hard work indeed earned her fame, thus she made a place on this list.