Top 10 Best Tequila Brands To Pour A Shot From

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Tequila is a type of alcohol that has multiple uses. You can mix it with other cocktails, drink it neat or on the rocks. So, depending on your mood, you can fix the drink you want. But in order to do that, you need to pick the right one. Tequila originated in Mexico and depending on the aging process, there are three main types of it – Anejo, Reposado, and Blanco.

When opposed to the others, Anejo is aged for at least one year (but not more than three years), giving it a gold or light brown tint. Because of the slower aging period, it has more subtle flavors that are best enjoyed when sipped rather than mixed into a drink. Reposados are aged for two to a year before being distilled, and they’re typically aged in oak barrels to give them a golden hue. Blanco (also known as silver tequila) is unaged tequila that is commonly bottled shortly after distillation. As the name implies, it is the clearest and works best in blended cocktails and as a complement to Mexican cuisine.

We know this can get confusing and having thousands of brands for the same product does not make it any easier. So, we are here to guide you – whatever type of tequila you are looking for, you will find the best on our list. So, let’s begin!

El Jimador Tequila

This is currently the most liked tequila in Mexico and has won over 22 awards in the past decade. Having a spicy warm finish that doesn’t burn your throat, it is crisp and enriched with citrus flavors and also packed with other herbs. This brand uses 100 percent agave in its tequilas. Moreover, it is cheaper than other brands and at the same time has an authentic taste.

Avion Anejo

As the name suggests, it is an Anejo type of tequila. This tequila is made from the finest agave grown in the mountains and because of the region’s topography and soil’s rich mineral content, it grows the best agave giving the spirit a distinct flavor and character. The secret behind Tequila Avion’s exceptionally smooth taste profile is its distillation process. The brand makes sure that its tequila is stored for two whole years in a brick oven giving it an amber color and producing an aroma of burnt agaves and peaches.


To be classified as tequila, all tequilas must be distilled twice, but Corralejo goes one step further with a triple distillation process. Before bottling and marketing the tequila, the company first uses a copper pot, followed by a column still method, and finally another copper pot. Because of the aging phase, it has a light straw color. It’s a tequila with a deep vanilla scent and traces of peppercorn and pear on the nose. A taste of Corralejo Reposado delivers a smoky flavor with a silky finish. It’s great for sipping on its own or mixing into a drink. This adaptable tequila is suitable for almost every occasion.

Cabo Wabo Blanco

Cabo Wabo Tequila is made from Tequilana Weber Blue Agave plants. This agave is harvested between the ages of 8-12 and cooked in stone steam-heated ovens before being crushed and ground to extract the agave nectar. After that, Cabo Wabo Tequila is distilled twice to eliminate impurities and refine the fragrance and alcohol content. This tequila is packaged in one-of-a-kind, hand-blown artisan glass bottles. This entire process makes the tequila very flavorful. Moreover, the Cabo Wabo Blanco is completely organic and contains no added chemicals whatsoever.

Grand Mayan

Grand Mayan is an exciting tequila that proves that appearances aren’t always deceiving. Over the last few years, it has won awards for both taste and appearance, and it offers an extraordinary, smooth-tasting drink served in a beautiful bottle. The most exciting part is that the bottles are handmade and hand-painted by Mexican artists. Moreover, it has a dark color and a dark fragrance.

It’s a tequila with a rich fragrance of nuts that will entice you from the start, and it’s equally delicious on the palate. It has been aged for a total of five years and has earned several gold medals and first place awards for its flavor. It’s a tequila made to be sipped and enjoyed, making it ideal for a decent margarita.

Tanteo Cocoa

Although there is a large variety of flavored tequilas on the market, Tanteo produces by far the best. The company, which was formed in 2009, takes pride in producing infused, 100 percent agave spirits. Tanteo creates award-winning artisanal tequilas that are in a class by themselves. It combines Blanco tequila with fresh peppers that are hand-infused in the hills of Jalisco, Mexico, to create a tasty and rare tequila worth trying at least once. The Tanteo Cocoa is a chocolate-infused tequila that mixes the spirit’s typical flavors with a savory heat from peppers and a sweet note from natural chocolate extracts. If you are looking to expand your taste, then this might be the right one for you.


Herradura was founded in 1870 and belonged to the Lopez family for more than 125 years before being sold. The family recipe is well-known for its popularity, and it has helped to place Herradura on the minds of many tequila connoisseurs. It’s a high-end brand with a distinct flavor profile thanks to the aging process it employs, especially in its Reposado offering. Herradura’s Reposado Tequila Colección de la Casa Port is naturally distilled with wild yeast before being aged for two months in hand-selected antique Port casks from Portugal’s Douro Valley.

This extra step results in a tequila that will make you want to take another drink to fully appreciate the complex flavor profile. Along with typical notes, there are traces of port, plum, and pepper, as well as dark chocolate undertones. It’s widely regarded as one of the best tequilas made from port barrels, and it’s widely regarded as a top choice for a tasty spirit.

Hornitos Tequila

Hornitos Reposado is a tequila that has been aged for at least two months in large oak barrels. This distillation time helps the tequila to extract the wood’s flavor as well as its color, resulting in a light blond final product. This tequila is a perfect buy for any casual occasion where you don’t want to spend a lot of money but doesn’t want to lose taste. In this silver tequila, you’ll certainly taste the agave and some citrus notes. Their silver is a shot worth taking.

T1 Tequila

The production of T1 was started by Germán González, great grandfather of General Manuel González, former President of México. It’s a brand with a long history and as a consequence, it’s safe to assume that T1 was generated as a result of just learning from the best. Only mature agave plants from the Mexican highlands are used in the brand, resulting in a higher concentration of natural sugar. Before being distilled and sold, T1 reposado tequila is aged for six months in “very old” Scotch barrels. It’s a tequila with a lot of flavors, particularly creamy cinnamon and ginger flavors, as well as stewed agave. The bottle’s deeper flavor has traces of pine nuts and a mellow finish.

Jose Cuervo

A decent tequila is something that all of us love. What better alternative than one of the world’s oldest tequila brands? José Cuervo is known as the Godfather of Tequila and has been distilling the sugary, citrus-and-pepper laced spirit since 1795. It has been omnipresent on the liquor shelves of all self-respecting tequila fans since then. With a fifth of the world’s total tequila supply and 3.5 million cases sold in the United States each year, it’s clear that the people have spoken when it comes to the best tequila award.