Top 10 Best Types Of Salt And Their Benefits

Top 10 salt

Salt is one of the most basic necessity, every food will probably taste disaster if not blended well with a dash of salt, but did you know that salt has more than 12 types? Well, if not then we bring you the top 10 types of salt you should know about!

1. Table Salt

Table salt, as the name suggests, is kept on the table to add more flavor and crunch to various dishes and snacks. Table salt was so valuable in Rome, that they were actually paid a salary with it. They not only help to add taste to our food and also to preserve food. They are high in sodium content, so it can increase in the blood pressure if taken in insufficient quantity. Its benefits include nerve and muscle function, maintain the acid balance of the blood, and much more.

2. Kosher Salt

Kosher Salt, also known as Koshering Salt, they are used for cooking and not at the table. It is a kitchen staple, is used for various purposes. It can be used in cooking, brining, cleaning, and they, are even used in various religious practices. An average Indian consumes 10g of salt per day, which is almost double the amount of what one should have. Due to its metallic taste, iodine, fluoride, or dextrose are often added, to it. 

3. Sea Salt

Sea salt is manufactured by, the evaporation of seawater, and it is used, for various purposes such as seasoning in foods, cooking, cosmetics, and for preserving food. They are even known as bay salt or solar salt, Their origin can be traced back to the prehistoric period, and now it is easily available in the market. It is known to have better taste and texture than table salt. 

4. Fleur de sel

Fleur de sel or flor de sal is a variant of salt that forms as a thin, delicate crust on the surface of seawater as it evaporates. This too has been originated in ancient times, and now, it is used as a finishing salt, to flavor and garnish food. They are known to boost the flavor of eggs, fish, meat, vegetables, chocolate, and caramel. It is mostly harvested only in France, whereas other places on the planet discard and collect them.

5. Gray Salt

Gray salt or popularly known as Sel Gris, is basically a coarse granular sea salt popularized by the French. Its production method is very similar to Fleur de sal, what makes them different is the harvesting process. It gets its grey color because they come into contact with the bottom of the salt pan before being raked. They are used, as both cooking and finishing salt. They pair great, with heartier foods like steak and root vegetables due to their mineral complexity.

6. Pink Salt

Pink salt, also known as the Himalayan salt, is a variant of salt that is mined, from the Punjab region of Pakistan. They get its pinkish tint due to the mineral impurities it contains. They are used, for multiple purposes such as cooking and food presentation, decorative lamps, and spa treatments. Due to their attractive color, they are known, to be 20 times more expensive than table salt or sea salt.

7. Himalayan Black Salt

Another one from the holy Himalayas, is non-other than our very own Kala Namak, which consists of a sulfurous, pungent-smell. The larger portion of its matter is the sodium chloride, and also a bit of sulfur content that causes the pungent smell. They are majorly used in the South Asian Cuisines, of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal as a condiment or added to chaats, chutneys, salads, all kinds of fruits, Raitas and many other savory Indian snacks

8. Hawaiian Alaea red salt

Hawaiian Alaea red salt, also referred to as Alaea salt, is from Hawaii. It is nothing fancy, just an unrefined sea salt that has been mixed, with an iron oxide rich volcanic clay called Alaea, which gives the seasoning its characteristic, brick red color. A vital part of Hawaiian cuisine that was used in traditional dishes such as Kalua pig, poke, and Pipikaula 

9. Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt comes from Hawaii, is a perfect blend of sea salt and purified volcanic charcoal. Activated charcoal is also added, in it, for color and its detoxifying effects. This ingredient is a proven anti-toxin and digestive-tract palliative that is taken by many people as a nutritious supplement. Great for finishing various dishes, especially for salads, vegetables, Sushi, grilled steak, teriyaki chicken, or tofu.

10. Cyprus Black Lava Salt

Cyprus black lava salt is highly popular for its light flavor and texture, makes it an ideal choice as a finishing salt. As you might have known from the name itself, it is found, in the Cyprus island. They are made by drying in lava beds and mixing with activated charcoal for an all-natural detoxifier.