Top 10 Bizarre Drugs People Consume


Drug abuse is quite common throughout the world. Dangerous drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Stimulants, LSD, and Inhalants are either too difficult to find or too expensive but as the saying goes, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” People use weird substances to get high or produce similar hallucinations when the aforementioned drugs are not easily available to them. We have listed such Bizarre drugs in this article.

1. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a spice and a key ingredient in many bakeries, mulled wines, or squashes but this spice is used in an unconventional way to get high and it’s termed as “nutmeg high”. When it is ingested in large quantities, it can produce many powerful hallucinations like that of LSD or Cocaine.

2. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is easily accessible and a necessity in the times of Covid but a lot of teens have been using this over-the-counter cleanser as a drug. Sanitizers contain 60-65% alcohol which is equal to a vodka shot and that can make you feel buzzed. Teens and in fact a lot of adults use salt to separate alcohol from the sanitizer but they do not know the dangers of doing so. A lot of teens report being admitted to Emergency wards due to drinking or huffing sanitizer.

3. Bath salts

This may come as a surprise to you but bath salts are a new way to get high. Bath salts do have stimulant properties in them but they are very different from conventional drugs like MDMA or Cocaine. It is worth noting that they do produce similar effects and they are highly addictive. Teens in America snort bath salt powder at parties when they can’t get other drugs. This is dangerous but peculiar I must say!

4. Catnip

Marijuana highly affects cats. It gives them a high which makes them anxious. But what about the catnip effect on humans? There is an active chemical in catnip called ‘nepetalactone’ which does have effects on humans. Catnip for cats is like a happy receptor. They go bonkers and it is suggested that it has similar effects on humans.

5. Toad venom

Toad venom is a new mind-altering drug and people in the West like US and Mexico have been snorting on this strange drug for years now. Toads have venom glands and this drug is consumed in ‘dust’ form. It is extremely psychedelic and people describe the trip god-like, religious, and being connected with god and some people even felt having been reborn. So you do realize how outlandish this drug can be?

6. Snake venom

Much like toad venom, people use snake venom for recreational purposes as a substitute for conventional drugs. Snake venom is also used for medical purposes by injecting it into the concerned patient’s body.

7. Salamander Brandy

Salamander Brandy is usually called a ‘psychedelic drink’ among youth and it does have mind-altering effects on humans. Some even say it increases your sex drive. It does have hallucinogenic effects on the brain and it’s made from the amphibian Salamanders. Again, extremely peculiar.

8. Scorpion venom

A scorpion venom usually causes nausea, vomiting, and restlessness and in severe cases, can cause heart failure or death but have you heard that it used to get high? It has hallucinogenic effects and a sensation of euphoria but smoking or getting stung by a scorpion is dangerous.

9. Krokodil

Krokodil or crocodile drug is highly addictive but when you inject the drug into your veins, it can cause skin infections, discolored skin and it’s also called “Russian Magic” because it gives a sensation of euphoria.

10. Huffing

Huffing is the process of sniffing or Indianapolis vapors to get high. Common substances like gasoline, glue, deodorants, hand sanitizers, oils, ink are huffed or snorted. It is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Inhaling substances through your nose can have dangerous effects on your physical health. It may sound crazy but people use these ways to get high.