Top 10 Cafe Franchise In India


Cafes are rapidly setting foot in India and that is because the youngsters prefer places with a good vibe which helps them take a break from their ever-busy schedule. Who wouldn’t like a place to chit chat and help themselves to some snacks at the same time? This exploding business is welcoming new franchises from all over the world. So here are the Top 10 cafe franchise in India.

1. Ritazza

Ritazza offers a place to escape the flurry of our daily lives by diving into the aroma of the excellent coffee they specialize in. It is a global chain of coffee shops owned by the British multinational group – SSP They use locally sourced ingredients to bring alive the authenticity of place and present unique combinations to the crowd. It will be a great brand to collaborate with if the partner is seeking a globally known coffee brand.

2. Barista

Barista is a pioneer of the coffee culture in India. They are a global chain of espresso bars and cafes. They have been in this business for the past two decades and are the 2nd largest and the oldest coffee chain in India.  With time they are revising its menu to suit the Indian palate, in addition to unleashing new formats like Barista Diners — all-day diners with a live kitchen. Their aim is to promote these cafes as cultural hubs.

3. Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House does not have the best setting for your pictures but they sure have their delicious food for your taste. It is managed by its employees but run by the Indian Coffee Worker’s Cooperative Society, in several parts of the country. They offer everything from snacks to dinner specially tailored to the Indian taste.

4. Frespresso

Frespresso says “it is not just about coffees” and indeed it is not. The place not only specializes in hot and cold beverages but also in sundaes and food. They have a delectable and comprehensive beverage menu and offer a perfect cafe experience. The cafes are customized as per the local trends and business. Visiting this place won’t be much on your pocket yet it will be a fun experience.

5. Coffee-Bike

Coffee-Bike lets you enjoy your coffee in the most unexpected of places. With their espresso bars, they offer the finest hot beverages in the busiest of street corners without occupying much space. Their cafes on three wheels supply numerous classics and coffee specialties made from their own-brand “Caferino”. Space limitation does not limit the quality they promise us. They’re equipped with all the professional machines that are necessary for that hot cup of delight.

6. Brewberry’s Coffee

Two young graduates started a family/self-funded start-up back in September 2008 in a quiet neighborhood, which has now grown into a brand of 109 coffee shops and snack bars. These cafes can be your new ‘Adda’ as they offer an elaborate beverage and freshly prepared snacks menu offered at affordable prices with picturesque interiors.

7. Coffee Day Express

Running out of time to stop somewhere and grab something to drink yet can’t start the day without that cup of coffee? Then Coffee Day Express is the place for you, as they give you your desired coffee on the go. They know that time doesn’t stop for your needs and hence designed their stores in such a way that they flow with the rapid lifestyle of today.

8. Gloria Jean’s Coffee

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is an American-Australian retail coffee brand. They run over a 1,000 coffeehouses in nearly 39 countries. They have been in this business for the past 25 years. With a passion for serving coffee they continually introduce taste-tempting hot beverages and refreshing chillers. Their passion for quality has made them a leader in fine flavored coffees and varietals.

9. Cafezone

Cafezone is a part of the South Indian Coffee House,  an integral part of Ethix Healthcare. Cafezone particularizes in the preparation of a unique taste filter coffee that comes from the south region of Tamil Nadu. They also specialize in various other South Indian beverages and snacks.

10. Coffee by Di Bella

Coffee by Di Bella was founded by Philip Di Bella in 2002 in Brisbane, Australia. He began this journey as a coffee roaster and worked nights. He also went door to door attracting customers. It has since evolved into a full-service coffee company.  For franchisors who plan to invest in Coffee by Di Bella, there is a lot on offer. Keeping everything in mind like support, training, and advertising, Coffee by Di Bella offers its franchisees the opportunity to get good returns with a proven business model.