Top 10 Classy Oldest Cafes In Mumbai


When it comes to food, we Indians never stay behind. No one can beat us. Especially in a city like Mumbai where people never sleep, it is hard to stay hungry when here. Mumbai is not just about beaches and its busy life but the food, too. So come on let’s see a few of the oldest restaurants and cafes in Mumbai which you won’t know even being a Mumbaikar.

1. Yazdani Restaurant and Bakery

So beginning our list with a Parsee bakery located near flora fountain in the fort, Yazdani is a 100-year-old Irani restaurant and a bakery. This bakery satisfies the customers since 1953 with many Irani snacks. Their specialty is Bun Maska, Apple pie, Irani Ginger biscuits, and much more. The baked items are baked on the diesel ovens which draws the attention of many. I mean who doesn’t loves the baked, smoky bread coated with the lovely maska!!!! The restaurant is also awarded the Urban Heritage and Citizens Award.

2. B Merwan and Co.

B Merwan and Co is a 103 years old café located just outside Grant Road railway station. The café’s morning breakfast of bun maska and chai is really so tempting and really irresistible for one even with the mightiest will. The restaurant’s gesture of accommodating a special corner especially for the ladies is really sweet. The majority of the staff are still unchanged as they themselves decide not to leave the café. The aroma of the food and the Parsee nostalgia makes the café really a worth visiting.

3. Koolar and Co.

Started by a British owner as King Georges café, but after independence name was changed to Koolar and co. Located at Matunga circle, Koolar and Co is a vintage Irani cafe which is 83 years old. This place is famous for many Parsee dishes including Keema Pav. They also serve a large five-egg omelet. One can find a typical scenario of waiters yelling at the cook in the kitchen and many egg dishes on the menu. Being at a busy location, it is visited by many customers. The café is filmed in the movie “The Lunchbox”.

4. Jimmy boy

Loaded with mouth-watering Parsee dishes, Jimmy Boy is a name that you will never forget. The ‘Lagan nu bhonu’ (wedding thali) is loaded with packs of flavors and a variety of Parsee tastes. Chicken farcha, Chicken dhansak are a few of the dishes on the menu. The location takes you back in the vintage time when Mumbai was called Bombay with the chandeliers hanging down the ceiling, the old-school furniture, and much more. The café was in the location since the 20s, but the name was changed to Jimmy Boy in 1999.

5. Leopold café

Established back in 1871, Leopold café is one of the oldest café located in Colaba Causeway. This multi-cuisine café is owned by a Parsee guy named Sherezad Dastur. This location was one of the first sites attacked during the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The café has kept the bullet marks for viewers and also as the tribute to the martyrs. The café serves Chinese, Mughlai, Italian and many intercontinental foods. It also serves alcohol. Soya wine chicken, pepper chicken are the few of the dishes which draw attention.

6. Kyani bakery and Co.

Run by Shokriyes’s second generation, Kyani bakery is a 112-year-old café located Marine lines, opposite Metro cinema. The owner was just 18 when he started the café in 1948. The café head might seem rude as he won’t allow you to take photos of the location or himself, but as a hungry customer, you will be delighted to have the awesome cakes and wine which are the specialty of the café. The café witnessed Raj Kapoor as its frequent customer.

7. Sassanian Boulangerie

At skipping distance away from Marine Lines railway station, Sassanian Boulangerie started as a small outlet of biscuits, toasts, sponge cakes which was later set up an Irani café. Serving intercontinental cuisines and amazing sizzlers, it is one of the three only remaining Irani cafes in the location. Chicken rolls, puffs, cream cakes, Irani chai, chicken dhansak, and much more, the café takes good care of its customers as well as its furniture. Think of such a restaurant which serves the place and people so well which makes it worth visiting.

8. Britannia and Co. restaurant

Founded in 1923 by Mr. Boman Kohinoor, Britannia and Co. is a Parsee restaurant located in Ballard estate, Fort. Packed with finger-licking Parsee dishes like sali boti, chicken berry pulao, mutton dhansak are truly mouth-watering. I mean who doesn’t wanna try such delicious non-vegetarian food sitting near the Arabian sea enjoying it. The rates of the food are not cheap but the food quality is really good and the quantity is genuinely tummy filling. So ordering food at Britannia at this price is worth it.

9. Café Mondegar

Standing since 1932, Café Mondegar is the first restaurant in Mumbai to have a jukebox. It is located in Colaba Causeway. With amazing rock numbers pepping up while you dine with a beer in your hand and people around you are modding up and enjoying the music makes a really good mood. The walls are painted by the artist Mario Miranda which vibes up the mood of the restaurant. Steak cheeseburger, chicken steak, and many more bulked up with chilled beer!!!!! One may feel like in heaven.

10. Restaurant Shalimar

Youngest among the list and also a non-Parsee restaurant is Restaurant Shalimar. Shalimar located on Mohamad Ali road, Sandhurst road was built in the year 1970. From a small eatery to a big multicuisine restaurant, Shalimar has many branches and also the Shalimar falooda is famous. The owner of Shalimar is awarded as the best personality in the food industry. Tandoori chicken, butter chicken, mutton biryani, and many such chicken, mutton dishes are really iconic and well known.