Top 10 Classy Pianos For Your Next Buy


Are you an expert pianist looking for a change in your instrument or are you simply bored sitting at home and want to learn something? Whatever your need is, Listing 10 is here for you! Today, we will be looking at the TOP 10 BEST PIANOS in 2021! So come on, let us embark on this musical journey!

Casio Privia PX-770

For those of you looking for a mid-range piano that looks and sounds good, then this is the one for you. This model has 18 different ranges of sounds and also comes with 88 Hammer Action keys which gives you the most authentic feel possible and makes you feel like you are playing a grand piano. In addition to that, there are three-foot pedals similar to an acoustic piano – sustain, soft, and damper. However, it has limited connectivity with only two headphone ports and no MIDI outputs.

Dexibell Vivo S7 Stage Piano

This model has great and well-weighted and works well with piano, synth, and organ sound. Also, there are different varieties of sounds that it can cover such as organs, bread and butter synths, organs as well as electric and acoustic pianos. Although it is not the best model out there and we have heard better electric and acoustic pianos, it looks nice, is pretty affordable as compared to other stage pianos. It also has a good range of effects and many outputs such as MIDI In/Out, Unbalanced L/R, headphones, foot pedals, Bluetooth, and USB.

Nord Piano 4

If you are a professional pianist looking for your perfect instrument, this is the one for you. With its distinctive looks and awesome sound, it gives you the perfect feel. Furthermore, it includes a wide range of both acoustic and electric sounds which have been tried and tested. Moreover, there are also several effects like delay, chorus, EQ, reverb, and amp emulation that are wonderful and vintage styled. It comes in a red case that makes it look classy and appealing. Also, there are various outputs for headphones, MIDI, USB-MIDI, monitor outputs, and audio outputs. This piano is so good that you might even have seen one or two of them on concerts or T.V shows.

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 portable keyboard

If all you are looking for is something you can sit down with, switch on and play anytime you want, then this is the right one for you. This is a slim, light-weighted piano with a classic style and stylish red, full-sized water-fronted keys. It has a selection of 10 different sounds, 4 of which are basic reverbs and 2 are acoustic. Moreover, with its lifelike AWM Stereo Sample piano sound, compact footprint, and portable style it is the perfect piece for kids and adults who no longer can afford space for a full-sized piano.

Korg SV 2/ SV 2S

This is one of the best stage pianos. It has a wider range of sounds, more memory slots, sonic authenticity, retro keyboard tones, and is more tweakable. Depending on its version, it has 73 or 88 hammer action keys and in-built speakers that produce massive, authentic sounds. The best part about this piano is that it includes acoustic sounds from leading Japanese, Italian and Japanese instrumentalists. It also looks great and sophisticated. However, if your budget is a little tight, you might want to look for something cheaper.

Roland RD-88 Stage Piano

This is the perfect piano for someone who is looking for both home and stage use. With a thousand different tones, loud and powerful speakers, and a lightweight body of about 13 kilos, it is the ideal model for both stage performance and an amateur pastime. Other than that, it has a PH4 hammer action keyboard and Ivory Feel keys producing an acoustic sound that is warmer and more resonant. It also comes with a lot of outputs for main out jacks, mic input jack, pedal, MIDI, USB memory port, headphones, and stereo minijack line input.

Yamaha CP88 Stage Piano

This is the ideal stage piano with several connections for line out, MIDI I/O, headphones, Aux input, and USB. Also, using its Live Sets feature with its amazing effects like digital and analog delays, you can create powerful and stacked sounds. Moreover, it offers a retro-inspired interface with a range of sounds like acoustic, organ, electric, and others.

Cavendish Contemporary Acoustic Upright

This is another acoustic piano manufactured in the UK. This premium piano is hand-built raising its quality to high standards. It has a larger soundboard, longer keys, and hand-made strings which produce a rich and authentic sound. Even the range of sounds is limited, the quality of sound this acoustic piano produces is so good that even the best emulations fail at replicating it. However, again this is a very heavy piano and requires strong floors to hold it and strong hands to move it.

Korg Grandstage 88

This one is a superior-looking and sounding stage piano. It is another model that is suitable for both home and stage use and performs efficiently in all types of situations. It has excellent sounds with a wide range that includes acoustic, electric, and synth sounds that are authentic and characterful as well as lush and realistic. It has the RH-3 action keys that work great and is ever ready for a gig. However, these keys may not be as great for synth sounds.

Yamaha U1 Acoustic Upright Piano

Built like a tank, this piano looks really professional and is suitable for both home and studio recordings and on-stage performances. It has three-foot pedals – soft, damper, and mute. Playing this piano makes one feel like one of the Classical pianists like Beethoven or Mozart making it suitable for serious performance. However, it also has a few disadvantages. The first is that it weighs 228 kg making it really heavy and almost impossible to move it around without any outside help. Also, it is very expensive making it unavailable to most people. Another drawback might be is that it is only acoustic and can only produce one sound. However, it also has a 10-year warranty which makes a plus point.