Top 10 Content Marketing Tricks To Grow Your Business

Content Marketing Tricks To Grow

The world of content marketing has grown exponentially in the past few years. The initial blogger boom has seemed to have died down, but content marketing is proving more valuable than ever before. It’s the most effective way to connect to your audience and provide them with a more human connection to a brand. 

So here are ten tricks to master it:

Be consistent

By far, the most important trick to growing your business. It would help if you were consistent. Consistency will increase the amount of content you produce, increasing your digital footprint and guarantees more readers. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you publish lots of mediocre content. On the contrary, you want your readers to come back; the content must be of the best quality that you can produce. 

A good way to do this without getting overwhelmed is to have a back catalogue of excellent work ready to publish at any time. 

Evaluate with data

Always check your statistics and data analytics; they can give you valuable insights into how your content performs. For example, maybe you can find out the optimum time to post or identify similarities in the posts that do well and those that don’t. 

Hence giving you focus points to concentrate on. Either way, you will benefit from using analytics on your content. 

Don’t be afraid to be contrary

Attempting to establish yourself in a sea of similar posts is impossible and mostly useless. Instead, have an opposing view or a fresh take on popular topics, and you will find your content blossom. People want to read about different things, and contrary takes on popular subjects are sure to get their attention.

Why do you think clickbait works so well?

Make sure to reference

When writing, always back up your points with proof. You say that bees might go extinct; well, cite the article that gave you that information. Add statistics, add graphs. Visual input and references to your research will bump your content. 

This is because it makes the reader trust you. They will see the work you put in to make your content more accessible, and they will believe the information you give them. 

Have a writing habit

Writing is difficult to do every day. However, inspiration strikes once in a blue moon, and the well of creativity is always dry when you need it. 

Thankfully, having a writing habit helps with that. If you write even 100 words every day, you’re exercising the writing muscle, which allows you to write faster and more clearly when you need it. 

Answer complex questions with simple language

The featured snippet on google is the most coveted space for any content. But it isn’t easy to get there. An excellent technique, however, would be to answer complex questions that require long winding answers.

Summarise things at the beginning of your post concisely, and this increases the chances of google picking that up as a featured snippet.

Set marketing goals

What does your content do? Does it answer a question? Does it advertise your products? Does it tell a story? It would help if you established the guidelines for writing content. Before you write something, you must know its purpose. What value does it hold to you as content? 

You can’t simply be publishing content with vague associations to your brand. That would be a waste of time and resources. So you must establish what you want from your content to engineer the best content to develop your goals.

Understand your customer and write for them

In the same vein as the point above, know your target audience. For example, you can’t be selling strawberries to car enthusiasts. Well, you probably could, but you can’t be advertising to them. You must know everything about your ideal customer, what are their interests? What age range are they in? Do they prefer the country or the city? Everything. 

Content marketing is essentially engaging in a conversation with someone and how can you speak to someone without similar interests.

Write actionable and targeted content

Now that you have identified your customer write to them. You know them well enough you should know their primary concerns. Address those concerns. People are always searching for ways to fix things. So if you want to connect to them, give them solutions. 

For example, if you sell strawberry jam, publish content on how to reuse the jam jars or get the last bits of jam out of the pot, or recipes with strawberry jam. Always provide utility.

Write longer content (it performs better)

What are you more likely to read – a 200-word jam review or a 1500 word article on the jam-making process? Well, if you consider yourself part of a jam enthusiast target audience, it will probably be the latter, won’t it? So write long content, longer content of excellent quality ranks higher on search engines and gets more reads. However, don’t write dense content. Space your paragraphs out. 

At the maximum, put three sentences in each paragraph. And make them short. People skim. They don’t read in-depth, so their attention will waver when faced with a long section.