Top 10 Most Common Types Of Internet Trolls


Social media is something each and every one of us involved in, it is an undeniable part of us. All of us one platform on the other might have come across trolls, they are everywhere hiding behind these digital screens. So today we look into 10 different types of internet trolls you can face online, so BEWARE!

1. Insult troll

Insult trolls are the ones that are hardcore haters, as simple as that. Not just us, but even they don’t have any specific reason about why do they hate and insult someone so much. They pick new people each day and call them out, accuse them unnecessarily. Many times, these trolls have a severe impact on the lead, causing serious cases of cyberbullying.

2. Debate troll

This is the ones that love having arguments, before having one, they have a detailed thorough research about the content, and then they are all set to put you on fire. They are of the approach that everyone is wrong except them. They are known for leaving long threads or arguments, they won’t stop until you give up and declare that about you losing.

3. Grammar and spelling check troll

These are the people that are constantly telling other people users that they have misspelled words and grammar mistakes. Even though all they do is simply comment with the corrected word behind an asterisk symbol, but it’s pretty embarrassing when other people are reading it too. Not all of these trollers just comment because they want to correct the language, many times, it is just a way to insult.

4. Offended troll

Social media is a platform where everything is discussed, even controversial topics such topics tend to offend a lot of people out there. This is very normal, but what isn’t normal when some people turn these jokes or parody or sarcasm into digital waterworks. Such people take these pieces of content and turn them into an argument by playing the victim.

5. Blabbermouth troll

This type is very close to the one known as the debate troll, these are the ones who don’t necessarily like to participate in arguments but does love to share his or her opinion in extreme detail. Even known as the show-off troll, they are known for spreading rumors and secrets in some cases. Very much like the one family member or friend who just loves to hear his or her voice.

6. Profanity troll

Profanity troll or also known as the all-caps, they are one of the intelligent variants of the troll. These are the guys who have no kind of value to add to the discussion, they just throw F-bombs, and other curse words with his caps lock button left on, Most of the time, we get to know that they are just bored kids looking for something to do.

7. One word only troll

The only thing that they say is yes, no, lol, k, or what. They are the least harmful variant you will meet online. These are the ones that irritate you because when our serious or detailed topic is being discussed. Such comments create a lot of nuisance and are likely to decrease the self-esteem of those, who are trying to add value and follow the discussion.

8. Exaggeration troll

The exaggeration trolls are the combination of the offending trolls and the debate trolls. They are experts in taking any topic or problem and completely blow it out of proportion. They are extremely annoying, and rarely ever contribute any real value to a discussion. All they do is bring up problems and issues that are completely unrelated to what, actually is being discussed.

9. Off-topic troll

How can we not hate someone who takes something completely off-topic in any type of social community discussion? What makes it even worse that people actually shift their attention and start talking about whatever irrelevant thing that he or she posted. All of us must have observed this threaded comments that are completely out of the box anywhere there’re active discussions happening.

10. Greedy spammer troll

The last one here is the greedy spammers that do not care about any post or discussion happening and are here only to benefit himself. They want to attract the audience to check out their page or websites, so they use other people’s comment sections as a way to market themselves. We all have seen them, but there isn’t much we can do about them.