Top 10 Delicious Ice Cream Flavor Loved By All

ice cream flavours

Ice cream is our most favorite dessert, and nothing beats that. In this world, there exist more than 1000 ice creams, you can literally have a new one every day for more than two years. But today, we won’t talk about all of them, just the top 10 most loved ice cream flavors.

1. Cookies and cream

Cookies and cream is not any traditional variant of ice-cream, it is vanilla ice cream combined with crushed oreo cookies. It simply is one of the best ice cream flavors you will taste. It has an amazing taste and also a brilliant texture, something that will be your all-time favorite guilty pleasure! It is easily available in almost every ice cream shop, so you won’t have to hustle much to get your hands on it.

2. Chocolate

Nothing is better than the old classic flavors of ice cream, and chocolate is something that can go with any form of dessert. It is very simple but a lip-smacking treat to your taste buds. The rich and dense flavor of ice cream is so well balanced, with the light and creamy flavor of milk. You can also try different notes of chocolate variants such as dark chocolate.

3. Mint chocolate chip

Mint and chocolate are and fantastic combinations, if you haven’t tried it yet, I urge you to do so. Chocolate chip ice cream is good, but what takes it to a whole another level is the mint. Mint adds a huge hint of freshness, hands down one of the best ones you can have. So next time when you want to lift your mood just try this mint chocolate chip ice cream.

4. Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream is known to be one of the earliest ice cream flavor known to mankind. Despite the various other flavors involved throughout all these years, vanilla still manages to be on the top. It is an authentic flavor and never fails to treat our taste buds well. The simplicity here is what steals our hearts. It is even one of the most original form of ice-cream that will remind us of our childhood days.

5. Cookie dough

Cookie dough is one of the most well-balanced flavors you will ever eat, the cookie dough here is combined with original flavor ice cream, mostly vanilla. You won’t believe me on this one, but the taste of raw cookie flavor is absolutely fantastic, this flavor in true terms is irresistible.

6. Strawberry

Every one of us has tried the strawberry flavored, ice-cream at some point in our lives. Strawberry is one of the most loved fruits on the planet, and when combined with ice cream, it is heavenly. When the sweet taste of strawberry is blended, with the creamy ice cream flavor, it is truly splendid!

7. Rocky Road

Not all of us might have heard about this one, basically, it is chocolate ice cream combined with marshmallows and almonds. It is one of the perfect mixtures you will ever come across, the dark sweet note of chocolate, blended with crispy roasted almonds, and some cute squishy marshmallows. It is the most filling, and for sure, one of the tastiest ice creams, you will ever taste in your life.

8. Chocochip

I am sure some of you were eagerly waiting for this one to pop up, well, here it is, your Chocochip ice cream. This one is created by, combining little yummy chocolate pieces with vanilla bean paste and Lyle’s Golden Syrup. This one is ironic since it is used very fondly spotted in movies and, let me tell you, it’s totally worth being that popular.

9. Neopolitan

Neopolitan is a mega combination, it combines three flavors in one, isn’t that amazing. It doesn’t combine any normal flavors but three blockbusters, namely vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. This one gives us the best of not two but three different worlds. So if you haven’t tried this yet, go rush and grab a whole tube of Neopolitan.

10. Birthday cake

Birthday cake and ice cream is something without which we cannot imagine our birthday parties with, well here is both of our absolute essential on one plate. You might hate eating sprinklers just like that but, when combined ice cream, it is something you would instantly fall in love with. It not only adds to the flavor but also the crunch. So next time you are having a birthday party dont forget to order this.