Top 10 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas


The way you decorate your house reflects the mood of the place. A perfect combination of design choices and colors makes for great décor. It is really important to choose the colors wisely since they have particular connotations and tell a lot about your character. For example, gold signifies luxury; red denotes passion; green is associated with love for nature; yellow for positivity; blue for the chilled ones; black signifies a deep thinker, and so on. Keeping all these things in mind, we present to you the Top 10 DIY home décor ideas that have a meaning behind them, are affordable and stylish.

1. Plant pedestal- green DIY home decor idea

We mostly keep plants outside or on the balcony but it is time to get creative and get your cute plants inside your house. For that, you will have to design plant stands. All you need is a solid concrete or wood material and furnish it the way you like. You can place it in your living room or at your desk to give you a constant source of joy when working or in your kitchen. Also, make sure you get them outside every once in a while for sunlight purposes.

2. Star rope mirror

This is a very simple DIY mirror and it will make your living room look so luxurious. It will look like an expensive mirror with just a little DIY. Things to look out for: jute twine; a round mirror; tape and nails. You can look for tutorials online and get to work!

3. Jute rope vase

This is an extremely innovative idea to make a beautiful vase from scratch. You don’t even need a vase, you can start from a tin can of any size you like and get jute rope, measure the tin height and start wrapping jute rope around it. These vases will give a minimal look to your living room or your desk. Easy, affordable DIY for the win!

4. Painting your dresser

You can customize an old dresser/ drawer with your favorite colors and designs and make it look super chic. First off, you need to give your dresser a fresh coat of white paint to balance out any blemishes. You need to remove handles from the dresser to help paint it better. Plan the pattern and then paint it using a paintbrush. Let it dry and then paint a second coat if necessary. You can add a detailed design using a stencil after the second coat if you like. Put handles back on the dresser and your very cute DIY dresser is ready!

5. Tissue box cover

Tissue box cover but make it fashionable! You can make a fabric tissue box cover from very basic materials and it’s a great way to bring some crafty décor into your home and beautify an everyday object with your creative skills. Firstly, you need to measure your tissue box and then start cutting fabric, iron it and pin them together on the box and make sure to keep a neat opening and voila it’s done!

6. Stitch your own DIY bag

If you are someone who’s frustrated with high fashion prices, this DIY is for you. Take a piece of fabric of your choice, a pair of scissors, some ribbons, and a lot of tutorials are available online as to how to sew it. Put a belt on the sides to create a handle and it’s not only fashionable but also practical.

7. DIY Pillow pockets

A pocket pillow is basically a pillow cover with pockets. The impact it makes on your living room is huge. A DIY is an ideal plan because buying from the market seems expensive and making them yourself is not only cost-effective but gives you the freedom to choose your designs and colors. It can even be made from scraps of fabric so a win-win situation it seems.

8. Handmade coasters

Handmade coasters are such a little thing to have around the house but they are important because they protect your furniture from annoying little spills. When you’re making your own coaster, don’t go for absorbent materials. Rather go for ceramic or sandstones because they will not break easily.

9. Redo your walls

How your walls look speaks tonnes about your personality. White blank walls look boring. It’s time to redo your walls. There are plenty of ways to get started. You can paint an abstract pattern, hang some paintings or hand-knotted art or decorate with washi tape!

10. Lamp DIY

It is time to go a little modern with your lamps. Grab a paintbrush, stencils, and tape. There are endless ideas to decorate your lamp. Twine-y textured lampshade can be made from jute rope as we did with vases. Again, minimal but so shabby chic.