Over the past couple of years, Instagram has grown into a hub for small businesses and budding influencers. While the site itself doesn’t pay you, it provides the perfect platform to market a brand, especially since it comes with an enormous user base and a well-crafted algorithm to transport our brand to your target audience. 

But for many, the algorithm is confusing and overwhelming. So here are some tips for using the algorithm to grow your brand.

Make use of your bio

Your bio is the first thing people will see. 

So make sure it’s great. Write a clear description of who you are and what you do and follow it up with a call to action. A call to action is an essential marketing principle; people will only do things if everything is spelled out for them step by step. This means if you want someone to buy your goods, you need to say it in your bio. For example, “DM us to order the products listed below.”

Also, make sure to use your link. It’s the only clickable link on your Instagram page. You can also use services like Linktree that hold multiple links to various places, or you can place a link to your own website or even a cause you care about. 

Convert to a business account

It’s completely free, and it’s probably going to be your best friend. This is because a business account gives you access to Instagram Insights. If you have ever tried to find stats for your Instagram account, you know that external analysis websites are mediocre at best. That is, if you even manage to find one. 

Instagram Insights gives you access to when your page is most active and what your most popular posts are. And it’s all free. 

Post at the best time

Now that you have Instagram Insights, go to the most active times for your audience and post during that time window. Now for content like memes, you could look at the most active time and only post then. However, if there is more variety to your content and you would like people to buy things from you. Then it would help if you considered when your audience is more likely to open their wallets.

For example, if you’re selling food, post around mealtimes. 


Speaking of posting at specific times, scheduling is immensely helpful. Suppose you have a strategy like a mealtime posting one, set up posts to upload automatically at that time. Online tools like Hootsuite or Autogrammer do the work for you and allow you to keep strategizing. 

This brings me to point 5.

Keep strategising

To have a constantly growing Instagram page, you can’t be stagnant. Even if you have found a time strategy that works for you, it is important to keep checking analytics and experimenting. 

Things can change at the drop of a hat and you need to be able to anticipate them. 

Have a backlog ready to go

The scheduling helps with consistency. But if you don’t have any posts to schedule, you will have a hard time being consistent. This is why you should have at least a week’s worth of posts ready in advance. Regular posting helps increase traffic on your posts which in turn draws more engagement to your page. 

Create engagement

Simply posting is not enough to get lots of attention. It would help if you fostered engagement both with existing followers and with potential followers. This means replying thoughtfully to every comment and posting interactive content on your stories or in your posts. You can interact by taking polls, asking for opinions, and encouraging people to share your content with their friends.

Stay on theme

Don’t forget that your Instagram page is a representation of your brand. The bio, the posts, the stories. They must all follow similar themes. If your page says it sells jewelry, don’t post about food. And don’t alternate between gritty aesthetics and happy, sunshiney aesthetics. 

Use hashtags

They may seem outdated, but they are still very effective. Hashtags help narrow down your post’s content and allow Instagram to funnel your posts onto the feeds of interested individuals. But you can’t just use generic hashtags. It would help if you did your research.

Firstly, find hashtags relevant to your target audience, and secondly, find hashtags relevant to your post. When you’re done, choose around 10 of those hashtags and add them to your post. Having a hashtag that is specifically relegated to your brand is also good. It fosters engagement because you can prompt your followers to use that hashtag every time they reference your page.

Be unique

Finally, you must remember that you are crafting content to appeal to an audience. If you are generic, you will be boring, and people will not engage with your page, and your Instagram will not grow. But, if you have managed to identify your niche and craft content that is interesting and enticing, you will see a quick jump in your analytics. 

To do this, stick to a theme, have a ready backlog and make sure to post regularly.