Top 10 Eye-opening Facts About Human Body

Human body

The human body is an explosion of astounding facts. There are things that happen in our bodies, things we never thought of and will blow your mind completely. We are so consumed in our lives that the most intimate aspects of our lives are ignored. While most of us are just aware of the outside functioning, here we have gathered a bunch of crazy facts about the internal functioning of the human body, which will make you insane for sure!

Fact 1

The vessels in your blood are long enough to circle the earth twice or more. Yes, believe us or not, the human body can do wonders, and this is just the start. If arteries and veins were joined end to end, the total length was estimated at around 100,000km.

Fact 2

The average human nose produces enough mucus to fill a whole cup. Isn’t it surprising that the human body’s waste could be in such great amounts, increasing ten times in cases of a bad cold? That is 6 ounces of snot every hour and more than 140 ounces in 24 hours!

Fact 3

Did you know the word Muscle is derived from the Latin word `Mouse ”? So here comes the third surprising yet humorous truth about human functioning. All thanks to Ancient Romans, they thought the movement of muscles felt like a little mouse running around the arm. So next time you check a flexed arm, be ready to call it a little mouse and scare people.

Fact 4

Your skin grows at the speed of light, don’t take it literally, but it sheds and grows rapidly. The human body loses 5 billion skin cells after every 24 hours. That’s nine zeros, damm! And that’s not it; these skin particles help in reducing air pollution. These dead skin cells also contribute to removing skin oils, which holds power to reduce ozone levels in indoor spaces.

Fact 5

Humans are so creative that they can create up to 7000 different facial expressions with 80 muscles. We are just familiar with happiness, sadness, frustration and a few emotions like these, but we as humans can make an astonishing variety of emotions. It’s the mysterious talent that every human has but still doesn’t know.

Fact 6

Apart from how expressive humans can be, they are stronger than one can think of! If you don’t believe it, check yourself. Human teeth are roughly as strong as shark teeth. Despite being much smaller in size, these canines are your true weapon and are just as tough; research has shown.

Fact 7

Women’s breast size differs, and one of their breasts is bigger than the other. We know you are thinking how crazy the human body can be, but it is what it is. There are many reasons for the size variance, as it could be due to breast tissues, breast pockets or even the skin’s elasticity on each breast.
So keep on wondering and explore the strange yet fascinating facts.

Fact 8

We are presenting you another fascinating fact about the human body, which says that brain size shrinks during pregnancy. Research has demonstrated evidence of reductions in sections of the brain termed as grey matter. This part is mainly responsible for social cognition and feelings, and in fact, this reduction helps in the efficient working of the brain during pregnancy.

Fact 9

Your heart, despite working tirelessly, performs another impressive action in which the heartbeat synchronises with the rhythm of the music you listen to. This fascinating study has shown that fast and loud music boosts heart rate and blood pressure, whereas the opposite effects were produced with slow music beats.

Fact 10

Not forgetting our another jaw-dropping fact which says that the Atoms present in the human body are billions of years old. They are like stardust, and one of them is hydrogen produced in the big bang theory.