Top 10 Interesting Yet Unknown Facts About Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh

Suppose there has to be a man who endured every hardship and overcame all the financial, personal and mental difficulties with constant patience and happiness. In that case, it must be Vincent Van Gogh. You might know him as an exceptional artist, but there is a lot more to it which will increase his respect in your eyes for today and forever.
So let us take you on the short Van Gogh journey comprising astonishing facts that you never knew!

Victim of various illnesses

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This talented figure had to go through a lot before gaining a name and even after that. The hardships were not just financially but mentally and physically as well. He was on the verge of insanity to such an extent that he cut off his left ear. Not just that, his illness come down to serious levels, named potential outcomes incorporate syphilis, dementia praecox, illusory psychosis, schizophrenia, a manic-depressive disorder, a marginal behavioural condition, fleeting flap epilepsy and what not.
All in all, it is an unfortunate condition and remorse to have extraordinary talent in a period when limited resources were available.

He fell in love with a prostitute

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Love can come in any form and at any time, totally evident in Vincent’s Life. He had long-lasting crushes; out of his beloved was a Dutch prostitute named Sien Hoornik, pregnant women roaming around in the streets. He was head over heels in love with Sien and decided to be her family and raise her child as one of his own. With time and due to grim circumstances, Vincent was drove apart from his family because of this love affair, and after that, he left Sien behind in the city with her children.

Survival on Cheap food

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Notwithstanding his special foundation, van Gogh consumed his grown-up time on earth in neediness, which repeatedly included bread, coffee, and liquor. Despite all the money he used to get from his family to earn a living and live a nourished life, he decided to pipe all assets into purchasing more inventive supplies for his art.
After suffering from numerous diseases and living in conditions of poor diet, 24/7 work, liquor and smoke, it’s nothing unexpected. After all these things, it was obvious to live on the verge of weakness and health problems.

Diverging career

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Being known as an extremely talented artist, whoever thought his artistic skills came into practice in the late 20s.
Before that, he was living in another world of business. Initially, he worked as an art dealer in his relative’s company, and after that, he made plans to go on the path of his father. After becoming a minister, he readily invested his 12 months in the selection test to the School of Theology in Amsterdam.

But after a series of failed attempts, he was thrown off the family and with no financial background even to buy the colours; this brave human decided to make something from his hard work, which in turn resulted in a change of streams and led him to become one of the most respected artists around the world.

Portraits value

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This might come as a surprise to all the people reading this article that his highest-paid portrait was sold for $82.5 million in 1890 after ten years of the invention. His signature art, oil paintings, incorporated Dr Gachet’s portrait, taking care of Vincent in his last depressing days. He made two versions of this painting with love and respect, which later on held the value of more than you could ever imagine. Today’s world accounts for 151.2 million dollars, making it the 13th most expensive and luxurious painting sold at the auction house.

Artist working at the speed of light

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As we know, his artistic field started at the age of 27 and after which he became the creator of the masterpieces of art. In 10 years, he created 2100 pieces of art. Out of which, 860 paintings signify his mastery of oil paintings, and the rest includes numerous sketch paintings in themes of landscapes, self-portraits and somewhat still life.
It was astounding to know that 2100 art pieces in 10 years equal four pieces per week on accounting the numbers. Now, this is what we call true talent and hard work!

He was able to sell only one painting in his Lifetime

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Apart from his health and financial records, his talent was also not on good terms during his life. The bittersweet truth is that Vincent could sell only one of his art collections in 1890 at the Art exhibition held in Brussels.
The buyer was one of the known to Vincent Van Gogh, and her name was Anna Boch. The painting named Red Vineyards near Aires was sold at 400 Frances, equating to $1000 in today’s money.
It was only after his death when he attained popularity.

He cut his own ear

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This will remain a mystery, who is the real culprit behind this act. Many theories have been spiralling around this ear cut incident, and the truth is still not found. However, the most accepted one is that in the heat of the moment, Van high cut off his left ear with a razor while fighting with one of his close friends and rolled it on a piece of paper. How distressing and painful it would be, right?

After the death, his work was considered worthless

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This is just as disrespecting as it feels. All the love, patience and hard work he embedded in his paintings were taken for granted and was sold at low prices. One of the incidents quotes that Vincent’s innkeeper sold the paintings at the price of $10 just to get rid of them. Most of his work has been disappeared in neglection to such an extent that his mother disposed of hundreds of paintings as, according to her, it meant no value.

Suicide: A tragedy

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This is so depressing that one gets into depths of despair after hearing this. Knowing how hard it was for Van Gogh to live with all illnesses he had, still, he remained determined to achieve the best. But nothing is greater than Destiny which resulted in the death of Vincent Van Gogh by his own hands. He shot himself in cold blood by triggering at his chest. It can’t be more devastating; he survived for 30 hours after the gunshot, with his final words being “The sadness will last forever “, and from there on, he is still alive in our hearts.