Top 10 Fancy And Expensive Fabrics

Expensive fabrics

Fabrics are the essence of clothing. They decide your comfort, your look, and ultimately how the outfit will turn out. Even when fabrics can be cheap, they can give an expensive look to the outfit and vice versa. There are fabrics that are expensive and make your clothes the fancy type. It is necessary that every high-end garment should be made from a good quality fabric that enhances the look and makes you want to wear it more and more. A designer should opt for the most suitable and finest fabric for each clothing and to know more about the same here are the top 10 fancy and expensive fabrics.

1. Silk

Silk is the epitome of luxury in the clothing line. It is luxurious, has luster and is very breathable and lightweight to wear. In India, silk sarees are the most coveted possession of every Indian woman. They are considered as a mark of wealth in the Indian society. It is perfect for classy and elegant wardrobe. Mulberry silk, is known to be the most expensive and luxurious silk in the world.

2. Wool

Cashmere and Vucana wool are two most expensive wool in the world and are almost synonymous with luxury. Cashmere is extracted from the soft underbelly hair of Kashmir goats in Asia. It is finer, stronger, lighter, softer and approximately three times more insulating than sheep wool. Vucana wool is so cherished that in Incan society only royalty was permitted to wear clothing made from vicuñas.

3. Leather

Leather is always in demand in the fashion industry. Nearly all celebrities have leather items in their wardrobe. Though leather demands a little more care than other fabrics still nobody ever hesitates from buying it. There are options of buying faux leather if you do not support animal cruelty which is also called leatherette.

4. Linen

Linen is an expensive and sustainable fabric that is obtained from flax plants. It is expensive because it’s difficult to manufacture and has a lower availability. Out of the most expensive fabrics, linen is the best high-quality and luxurious material to make environmentally friendly and socially responsible clothing.

5. Fur

The fur is probably the most controversial fabric in the fashion industry. With more awareness more and more top-class brands are opting out of using fur in their clothes and promoting faux fur which is cruelty-free and a very good option to look elite and to love animals at the same time.

6. Cotton

Cotton is the most underrated fabric because of its wide availability. But clothes made of good quality cotton are expensive and at the same time comfortable to wear. They are in demand around the year because of the comfort they provide. Clothes made of good quality cotton are usually dense, soft, and less prone to pilling.

7. Satin

Satin has become more affordable over the years and that has certainly reduced its price but still, there are blends available which include a combination of other fabrics such as nylon, rayon, silk, or polyester. Charmeuse, for example, is a very popular satin not made of silk. It is a man-made fabric from finely woven material including polyester.

8. Houndstooth

Houndstooth fabric is also known as houndstooth check or dogstooth. The name is derived from the fact that the pattern resembles the back teeth of a hound. So, houndstooth is not so much the name of the fabric but rather the shape of the pattern. The unique checkered pattern is achieved by a special weaving process. It is used to make many types of clothing like men and women’s suits, coats and skirts, and scarves.

9. Denim

Denim is mostly used to make jeans but nowadays they are also used in making jackets, shirts, etc. They are always in vogue and they are usually blended with polyester to prevent wrinkles and control shrinkage when washing.

10. Velvet

Velvet does not go with everything and the items of clothing have to be wisely chosen so that it does not look out of place or tacky. It is made from cotton or silk thread, giving it a slight sheen and looks beautiful when used properly in the clothing.