food joints in mumbai

In Mumbai and Feeling hungry? Well, here is a list of the top 10 delicious food joints in Mumbai one should not miss.

1. Cannon Pav Bhaji

This small place is just opposite the busy CSMT Station and it serves delicious pav bhaji with a big slab of tasty Amul butter on it.  This place is managed wholly and soully by a bunch of women who personally prepare these Pav Bhajis, take orders, keeps  the place clean, manage it for the entire day. The best dishes to try at Canon are Amul Pav Bhaji and the Cheese Pav Bhaji.

Venue : Canon Pav Bhaji, Opposite CST Station, Mumbai.

2. Cafe Madras

How can someone leave the Cafe Madras, the most iconic places in Mumbai? This small place is being run for over 80 years in Matunga. This is where people have their breakfast for years, it has become their routine as they start their day by going to the place. The Rasam Vada was introduced in the menu in 1960 and it’s still served even today. One must try their Idli, dosas and also their Sheera to end with a desert!

Venue : Kamakshi Building no 391/B, Bhaudaji Roadd, Matunga, Mumbai- 400019

3. Britannia & Co

Britannia & Co is not a newly built, usual Irani restaurant, this place is being run for approximately 95 years. Now this little cafe in Bombay serves  the best Mutton Berry Pulao which is the restuarant’s star dish. The berries are imported from Iran and they add so much of the flavour to the pulao. Among the other dishes, their brown rice, raspberry soda and Salli Boti are  yummy and really worth trying.

Venue : Britannia and Co., Wakefield house, 11sprout road, Fort, Mumbai.

4. Pizza By The Bay

On the iconic world-famous Marine Drive, right opposite side stand, Pizza by the bay serves great pizzas. They have one speciality named Mumbai Masala Pizza which is a worth-try. Apart from amazing pizzas they also serve a great breakfast menu that people love. Fancy garnishing and their plating will make your day and the Marine Drive view from your window.

Venue: 143, Soona mahal, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Mumbai.

5. Noor Mohammadi

This street is home to the best street food in Mumbai. The best time to visit Mohammad Ali road (where Noor Mohmaddi is, along with a many of other great restaurants and roadside Seek Kabab joints) is during Ramadan/ Ramzaan. This is the time when one can actually spot Bollywood stars roaming on the streets and tasting the awesome food. 

Venue : 179, Wazir Building, Bhendi Bazar, Abdul Hakim Chowk, Near Girgaum ,Mumbai.

6. Gulshan-e-Iran

Best known for its delicious Mughlai specialities at low prices, the best items to try at Gulshan-e-Iran varies from Kheema pav, to chicken tikka masala, Garlic Naan, Rabdi Kulfi for dessert. It’s beautiful how with a full stomach one can ask for the bill and wonder how it’s not costly at all. Not even close. Gulshan-e-Iran is one of the best street food in Mumbai and is a worth-visit.

Venue: 15, Corner Of MRA Marg, Musafir Khana Road, Crawford Market, Mumbai.

7. Mani’s Lunch Home

Chembur being home to lot of South Indian cafes and Mani’s is the one who would miss visiting. The place is always crowd and buzzing with college students and local residents of Chembur. A healthy and delicious breakfast at Mani’s will make sure it your perfect day. Their lunch thali is not just tummy filling but also very satisfying. 

Venue: 86, Komal building, Second road, Chembur East, Mumbai.

8. Gaylord

Located near Marine Drive and established in the year 1956 and running strong over the years, Gaylord’s bakery is loved by many in town. They have freshly prepared bread, cakes and much more. Their chicken puffs, veg puffs are just delicious. There is a restaurant inside which serves a variety of cuisines, which makes Mughlai dishes it is loved over the years.

Venue : Mayfair building, Nariman road, Churchgate, Mumbai.

9. Café Mondegar

Café Mondegar or popularly known as Mondy’s is one of the iconic places in Colaba. This place is one of the earliest cafes in Colaba and some popular dishes to try are Chicken Tikka, Prawns and if you are a veggie, Paneer Malai are a must-try. It is a good place to have a lunch or a dinner plan with your friends and family. The vibe there is positive and a lovely place in town!

Venue: 5A, Metro House, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

10. Sardar Pav Bhaji

Sardar Pav Bhaji in Tardeo is rated one of the best Pav Bhajis in Mumbai. They have customers coming fro the remotest corners of the city especially  to eat this Pav Bhaji. They put a big slab of Amul Butter on their Pav Bahji which makes it more delicious. It is a must-eat place in Mumbai and also try their Mango Shake. This is among the few eateries in Mumbai that have not lost it’s charm!

Venue: Tardeo road junction, Janata nagar, Tardeo, Mumbai.