Top 10 Delicious French Cuisines

french cuisine

French cuisine is known for its rich flavour and elegance. The natural flavours and finesse of France are responsible for creating the most memorable and globally renowned dishes. Their names can surely be tongue twister, but their taste is exquisite. Many people are first introduced to French cuisine through wine, cheese, and croissants. There are plenty of delectable pairings to select from, from brie and Burgundy to camembert and Chardonnay. However, there is a lot more French food to discover than just that. So, today we have picked the finest dishes from the French cuisine that will tingle your taste buds. Bon Appetit!

Soupe a l’oignon– Super yummy French cuisine

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This dish is also popularly known as the French Onion Soup since its main ingredient is onions. This traditional peasant dish traces its roots back to Roman times, although it has been modified over time. The soup is prepared using beef stock, brandy or sherry, and onions, cooked slowly to caramelize the onions and give the dish a unique taste. It is then topped with melted cheese and croutons and can be served with a large piece of bread.


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Ratatouille is not just a movie about a cartoon rat, but it is also one of the most iconic dishes of France. It is another peasant dish invented in Provence in the Southeastern region of France that is famous for its lavender fields, vineyards and diverse landscape. It is prepared by cutting vegetables into circles, after which they are fried, laid out on a casserole dish and then baked in an oven. You can serve it alongside fresh, crusty bread and red wine as an appetizer, side dish or a main course meal. 

Café Gourmand

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If you have just feasted upon a very heavy meal with no extra space for dessert and yet crave something sweet and light, then this dish is just right for you. The dish has been recently invented and is mostly found in fish restaurants and steak houses. It consists of a regular, black espresso served with an array of mignardises, tiny pastries and sweets popularly known as “petit fours”. The mignardises usually consist of a crème brûlée, a triangle-shaped brownie and something that tastes like clafoutis. 

Tarte Tatin

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According to legend, the dish was accidentally created by two sisters – Stephanie and Caroline Tatin, in 1888. The Tatins owned a restaurant called the Lamotte-Beuvron, and on a busy afternoon, they unintentionally baked an apple tart upside down. This caused the caramelization of the apples, making them golden and savoury. To hide this mistake, they served the tart with cream on top, which is why it is called Tarte Tatin. Their error led to the creation of a delectable masterpiece.

Religieuse au Chocolat

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This is similar to a chocolate éclair, but it is also slightly more than that. If you are visiting a patisserie or a boulangerie in France, you should try a Religieuse au Chocolat. It is made of two round éclair like parts, and the smaller part is placed atop, the larger one. It is covered in chocolate icing with a topping of cream, making it look like a little snowman. However, if you are not a fan of chocolates, you can try one with a flavoured coffee icing. 


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This is a comfort dish that originated in Southern France and is popular in Castelnaudary and Toulouse. Cassoulet gets its name from the pot that it is cooked in – a cassoulet. The recipe for the dish has been passed down through generations, and the richness and warmth it brings is a part of every French household. It is prepared by slowly stewing pork, duck, sausages, mutton or goose with white beans. It is a staple dish for the natives during the winter. 

Coq au vin

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Julia Child popularized this classic French recipe, which later went on to become her speciality. Even though the name means “rooster in wine,” and the braising method is more suitable for tougher birds, the recipe commonly uses chicken or capon. The meat is cooked with bacon, garlic, onion, mushrooms, wine and sometimes even brandy. There are various regional versions of this dish that exist throughout France that may use different local wines. 

Boeuf bourguignon

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This is another one of the most iconic dishes of France and is similar to coq au vin. This peasant dish is a stew prepared by braising the beef in beef broth, mushrooms, pearl onions and other seasoned vegetables. Before braising the beef, it is marinated in red wine for almost two days, making it more flavourful and tender. This dish is very popular and can be found in French restaurants all over the world. 

Trou Normand

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Suppose you are dining in a fancy restaurant in France. In that case, the waiter might appear unexpectedly in the middle of your long and lavish dinner with a little glass containing a refreshing mix of sorbet and alcohol. This is called the “Trou Normand,” which is made of lemon or apple sorbet mixed with a shot of brandy. The combination of the sour sorbet and strong alcohol changes the flavour of your heavy dinner and prepares you for the next dish. It can give you a sensation of well-being where you might have had indigestion before.


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This recipe comes from northern France, near the Belgian border. It is a puffed pastry filled with cheese and veggies. Leeks and cream are the typical fillings, though there are many variants. Flamiche is also available in a pizza-like variation without the pie’s top crust. Another variant from Southern France is the pissaladière, which has a thin crust filled with onions, olives, and anchovies.