Top 10 Haunted Places Around The World


We all love to get spooked once in a while so today we bring you the top 10 haunted places around the world. Make sure to avoid going to these places unless you are a real thrill seeker.

1. Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

The Poveglia Island many years back had a hospital located there. But due to civilization, people shifted. But the people were there who were mentally unstable or had any other diseases. Due to this, the island usually gets to face the paranormal activities. This is known to be one of the most haunted places because of the deaths of more than 10000 people.

2. Bhangarh fort, India

Bhangarh fort is known to be one of the most haunted places in India. The people are not allowed to visit this fort after the sunset as it is said it feels like somebody is watching the actions and something is felt in the air as well. The people who faced paranormal activities here either died or were not able to explain the situation anyhow.

3. Ancient Ram inn, Wotton under- Edge

The place has a story that, a witch was burned here. There is a room at this place where the people think that the woman’s spirit is still there. It is said that the ghosts of monks haunt this place. This was basically an inn, where people had different rooms. Now, it is believed that the rooms are haunted by the ghosts of the people who used to live there.

4. Port Arthur, Australia

Here, more than 1000 people died in the last 45 years and it is said that their souls have not left that place till now. Many people have faced different paranormal activities with themselves and hence made an official account reporting the ghosts existed there. Once you visit this place, you will be able to know the secrets of Port Arthur.

5. Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

This is a huge ship, which was even more huge than the Titanic. The historians have discovered that they have actually felt the paranormal activities on the ship in the different rooms of this ship. They have heard a girl crying and laughing in a room who was drowned in the pool in history, a baby’s cried have been heard, a daily morning call has been noticed while nobody was on the other side.

6. Burg Wolfsegg, Germany

Wolfsegg is a village in Germany. There is a hole around the place to be noticed and the people have made this statement that they have noticed different monsters through that hole. This is basically a castle where you can go inside and it looks all scary.

7. Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts

The house where the owners were murdered. This is a house actually where a family lived, but is known to have a place where 2 murders took place. Lizzie Borden killed her father and her stepmother inside the house who lived with the maid as well. Since then, it is known that some paranormal activities take place inside that house.

8. Casa Loma, Toronto, Canada

The place is known to have ghosts. The people have discovered and felt the hands grabbing, they have heard the noises inside that castle. Women in the white dress have been found there many times and then got disappeared. Not only once or twice, but this has been felt many a time by the people visiting that place.

9. Tower of London, London, England

The tower was made by the king in order to protect themselves from the war and problems. The people have made the statements that they have observed the ghosts in that place. They have felt the ghosts of English royals including Anne Boleyn and Marry and queen of Scots. If you visit any of these countries, you must make sure to visit the haunted place to know more secrets and things. You might feel scared but this would one of your best experiences of life. You will get to know about more them and gain knowledge as well.

10. The Tolbooth, Aberdeen, UK

The Tolbooth in Aberdeen has a dark past, first as a prison to house members of the Jacobite revolution in the mid-1700s, and then to hold kidnapped children who were sold into slavery in the American colonies. Among the stories of paranormal activity are the sounds of rattling chains, sightings of mysterious white mist, and a tight feeling around the necks of visitors.