Top 10 Health Benefits Of Marijuana/Cannabis


Now in 2020, the times are changing in regards to marijuana policy and its use. Cannabis or marijuana can also be found in various forms, and the health benefits it has are ever-growing. So today we will look at the top 10 Health Benefits of Cannabis.

Helps you lose weight

Studies have shown that people who use marijuana are generally slimmer than non-users also that Marijuana lowers fasting insulin levels which may promote weight loss. According to a recent study published in The American Journal of Medicine, researchers have found marijuana users to have smaller weight circumferences, lower BMI’s, and lower obesity rates.

Alleviates Depression

Depression is by far one of the most common medical conditions in the world. A study in 2015 found that “In the animal models we studied, we saw that chronic stress reduced the production of endocannabinoids, leading to depression-like behavior,” says senior research scientist Samir Haj-Dahmane, Ph.D.
This means cannabis can be used to supplement endocannabinoids lacking within our system, helping the body return to a normal state of homeostasis and in turn reducing levels of depression. Cannabis also helps in relieving stress, which is one of the biggest risk factors for depression.

Eases Chronic Pain

One of the most common reasons people have a decreased quality of life is due to various types of chronic pain. From headaches to back pain, many people are debilitated by daily, overwhelming pain. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties; cannabis can help reduce pain whether it’s applied in the form of a gel or consumed orally. Cannabis consumption can also help greatly decrease the need for harsh, addictive opioids/painkillers.

Helps with alcoholism

One of the greatest advantages of replacing marijuana with alcohol is that it can reduce alcoholism. Another one of the many health benefits of cannabis is that there is no doubt is much safer than alcohol. While it may not be 100% risk-free, it can be or it is a safer way to curb alcoholism/alcohol addiction by substituting it with cannabis. Alcoholism kills upto 88,000 people a year, therefore marijuana is without a doubt a great alternate.

Cannabis can lift up your mood

The vast majority of people who consume cannabis for them it induces a sense of euphoria and calm. Happiness, or a general sense of well-being is something that everyone wants. A lot of scientific studies show a connection between happiness, optimism, and overall life satisfaction. Cannabis activates a specific neurotransmitter in our brain called anandamide. It is also called the bliss molecule. This molecule, among other things, is responsible for making us feel happy. THC is responsible for stimulating anandamide, which can be found both within our body as well as within cannabis itself.

Slows down the development of Alzheimer’s disease

Their aren’t ant firm evidence but many studies suggest, marijuana may slow down Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is one of many diseases that is caused by cognitive degeneration. As we age, our slow cognitive degeneration is almost unavoidable. Cannabis’s endocannabinoid contains anti-inflammatories that fight the brain inflammation which leads to Alzheimer’s disease.Cannabis reportedly alleviates confusion and agitation that occurs during Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis Lowers Blood Pressure

Many of the adults in today’s world have high blood pressure or hypertension. Which can lead to cardiovascular disease as well as strokes or heart attacks? Tobacco is the number one cause for high blood pressure, along with poor diet and lack of exercise.There is a wide range of scientific studies to support how cannabis decreases blood pressure. Some researchers believe that cannabinoids may have a protective role within the body, also leading to a decrease in blood pressure.

Reduces Nausea

Many people experience nausea on a regular, which can be caused by digestive problems or certain foods. Cannabis can majorly help decrease stomach pain and also regulate your body’s digestive processes, like metabolism. It also reacts with brain receptors to help regulate the feelings that are often associated with nausea. Cannabis also helps to stimulate the appetite when people may find themselves avoiding food due to stomach discomfort.

Marijuana slows/stops cancer cells from spreading.

It was found in the study, that Cannabidiol can stop cancer by turning off a gene called Id-1. In 2007, researchers reported that CBD may prevent cancer from spreading. The researchers experimented on breast cancer cells that had a high level of Id-1 and then treated them with cannabidiol. The outcome was pretty positive, the cells had decreased Id-1 expression, and were less aggressive spreaders. The American Association for Cancer Research also has found that marijuana works to slow down tumour growth in the brain, breast, and lungs considerately.

Improves lung capacity

This one might catch you off-guard but unlike smoking cigarettes, when smoking cannabis in the form of cannabis your lungs aren’t harmed. A recent study found that cannabis helps increase the capacity of the lungs rather than cause any harm to its shocking right? Still, the number of studies on this particular topic is less.