Top 10 Health Benefits Of Tea You Must Know About


Enjoying hot tea with Kanda-pakora (Fritters) sitting by the window and watch the rain fall is by far one of the most peaceful and enjoyable things for all of us (if not, then are you even human?!). Also, tea is the favorite beverage of Indians and is also loved worldwide. But tea has various health benefits and here are the top 10 of those.

1. Provides with antioxidants

One who wishes for forever youth must have antioxidant supplements. Free radicals damage the cells and increases the level of oxidation reactions of the cells which lead to the ageing of the body. Antioxidants reduce the action of free radicals and decreases the oxidation of cells which helps in reducing the ageing of the cells. The polyphenols in tea make it rich in antioxidants and thus are helpful in anti-aging.

2. Helps maintain heart health

Flavonoids that are beneficial for heart health are a group of antioxidants that are found in black tea. Along with tea, vegetables, fruits, dark chocolate, and red wine are also a good source of flavonoids. Various surveys suggest that people who drank black tea daily observed a reduction in the risk of developing heart disease for up to 11%. But it can go the other way round in some people.

3. May help lower LDL

The body cholesterol is transported throughout the body by two lipoproteins. One is the low-density lipoprotein (LDL). The second one is high-density lipoprotein (HDL). But the bad one is the low-density protein (LDL) which you can hear about in the majority of advertisements. Thus the good cholesterol is the HDL and bad cholesterol is the reason for stroke and many diseases which can be lowered by consuming tea.

4. Improves gut health

Gut bacteria play a very important role in building the immunity of the body. But some are beneficial and some are not. Studies suggest that gut bacteria also reduces the risk of many conditions like diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and many more. The polyphenols in black tea boost gut health and promote the growth of good bacteria which in turn boosts immunity.

5. Helps reduce blood pressure

Around 1 billion people worldwide are affected by high blood pressure and its complications. It causes hypertension, renal failure, cardiac failure, diabetes, vision loss, and much more. It cannot be cured but it can be prevented by changing the habits. Drinking black tea can reduce the chances of getting high blood pressure to a good extent as it contains polyphenols, flavonoids, antioxidants, etc.

6. Reduces the risk of stroke

Stroke takes place when arteries supplying blood are blocked which leads to deficiency in blood flow to the heart. Studies say that 80% of strokes can be prevented by changing factors like unhealthy diet, bad lifestyle, habits and switching to daily exercise, etc. As tea helps in lowering blood pressure, bad cholesterol, blood pressure in return it reduces the chances of stroke.

7. Reduces blood sugar levels

Elevated blood sugar levels have many complications like diabetes, renal failure, obesity, etc. But sugar enters our body in many ways like beverages, carbohydrates, even by having sugar tea. But by consuming black tea without adding sugar is a very good initiative to reduce sugar intake and boost insulin mechanism. Various researches proved that drinking black tea enhances insulin levels of the body.

8. Might help in reducing risk of cancer

Nowadays cancer is a very common disease. Also, people suffer from many types of cancers. The polyphenols in black tea may help prevent cancer. But drinking tea should not be used as an alternative to treat cancer. It is found to be reducing the chance of getting cancer but not curing it. So this should be kept in mind and cancer should be duly treated with a proper medicine.

9. Improves focus

The caffeine content L-theanine, an amino acid that improves one’s alertness and concentration. L-theanine increases alpha activity in the brain and results in relaxation and focus. Researches have found that beverages that contain L-theanine and caffeine have a great impact on the brain. Surveys show that tea drinkers have more stable energy than those of coffee. But it can be subjective too.

10. Good for dental health

Yes believe it or not but a regular intake of tea can reduce your rate of tooth decay and improves your buccal health. Tea is a good source of fluoride which helps in tooth health and improves your enamel. The antioxidant content of the tea can also help in reducing gum problems. But this cannot be true for every person as everything is good in a certain amount so good tea in good quality and limit won’t harm you.