Top 10 Indie Music Artists You Can Listen To

indie artists

Regardless of whether a rising pop star, rapper, or a not-so-mainstream rocker, 2021 is certainly the year of some monstrous breakouts. You may perceive a portion of the underneath names from the most expected collections of 2021, and there are even some we’ve found on the most recent this month. With more scope of “indie” than any time in recent memory, here are the rising indie performers to watch in 2021. 

1. Another Michael 

This Philadelphia-based trio called Another Michael knocked some people’s socks off with their as of latest delivered debut collection ‘New Music’ And ‘Big Pop’. The song features their chemistry and their modest, loving attitudes, which enable them to create these irresistible tunes. Another Michael is certainly gonna be heading for good things, also they have announced their new release.

2. Michelle

These artists from New York City collectively known as Michelle stormed into the indie picture the previous year with their irresistible and joyful song’ Sunrise ‘. That boasted a unique mixture of R&B and indie rock. Michelle is said to be working on a new album progressed by the singles “Unbound” and’ FYO’. This shows the versatility of the group to jump across genric boundaries and sonic perceptivity.

3. Wild Pink

John Ross’ band, Wild Pink needs to get some attention. After their release on Texas Is Funny Records, they headed towards Tiny Engines, where the group flew throughout their first two records. This includes 2018’s Yolk In The Fur, a soaring indie rock album that got them on people’s radars. Their first album A Billion Little Lights just released, showing that Ross and the company are continuing on their upward journey with natural progress forward.

4. Quinton Brock

Brooklyn-based Quinton Brock caught us at the end of the last year with the single “To The Moon”. It blends indie rock and punk. The track was made in a particularly rough time in Brock’s life when his bestie passed away, followed by his dog and break up with his girlfriend. The song is Brock’s attempt to adjust to his challenging new reality. There is no official confirmation of upcoming new music, but we can’t wait to see what Brock comes up with next.

5. Kississippi

Kississippi aka Zoe Allaire Reynolds went through quite the change over the past few years. She began her musical career in an indie-folk lane, but she has new things brewing now. She contracted with Triple Crown Records the previous year and released “Around Your Room.” It is a propulsive pop single that shows her adaptation, smoothness in her voice, and melodies.

6. Arlo Parks

This 20-year-old UK lyricist went from making melodies in her bedroom to writing music that has literally rescued people’s marriage. With her debut Collapsed In Sunbeams, she combined lyrics about relatable and often ignored aspects of teenage depression and anxiety-related issues. She also reminds listeners that there is always hope as she is such an inspiring singer.

7. Hovvdy

The Hovvdy is a perfect combination of tempo and comforting music. Their 2020 released “I’m sorry,” is the band’s latest material since 2019. Their third album in 2019, Heavy Lifter, has the energy trapped in it and is an alternative track for calming your nerves. Indeed it is an art of soothing while retaining your musical interest. 

8. Buzzy Lee

Although Sasha Spielberg aka Buzzy Lee’s latest hit Spoiled Love just released this year, the album’s out-of-the-world lyrics imbibed a sense of space. This approach of songwriting makes Spoiled Love a very interesting song to listen to that will surely pay listeners and help to grow Spielberg’s fans both within and outside in the indie-folk world.

9. Petey

Petey borrowed from emo, indie pop, and pretty much everything else on EPs and he released a song in 2019. 2020 was particularly a year that yielded highlights like “Pitch A Fit!” and the emo-folk of “More To Life Than Baseball”. These both are coincidentally related to baseball. The Petey has its style and swag which makes him Petey as you never know what comes next.

10. Sun June

After their 2018 debut album, Sun June spent the year traveling. After the album Somewhere, the band believes in the mantra “melodies are king,” which resulted in various textures in their later releases. They focus on production, linked with emotional lyrics, created an album that explores grief in all forms with parts humor and humility.