Top 10 Instant Noodles That are Loved In India

Instant Noodles

If we talk about the most popular instant noodle companies in India, then Maggi and Yippee come to our mind. There is no doubt that these 2 contribute the most in filling up our tummy at mid-night. 

Indian instant noodles market is indeed dominated by Maggi, but multiple brands are also making their way and making the instant noodle market a big deal. Well, here is a list of the top 10 instant noodles that are loved by the majority of Indians. Also, next time you feel like making some Ramen, you’ll have more options.


Maggies is not just a noodle but an emotion for many. It is the best noodle brand in India and people from every age group love it. Be it the youngsters living in hostels, people who do not know how to cook and it becomes that 7-star dish when you have it with your friends. To cook it is the easiest of tasks and trust me, everybody will agree to that. It can turn anyone into a chef plus when you make a new version of it by adding some extra masala, vegetables and CHEESE!

Sunfeast Yippee Noodles

Yippee was launched in 2003 but it properly hit floors when there was a ban on Maggi. It became the best alternative of Maggie and people saw its worth. It is available in flavours, like- Classic masala, Magic masala and Tricolor Pasta Chinese masala.

Patanjali Atta Noodles

Patanjali released their atta noodles that taste very light and less spicy when the whole ramen industry was trying to make their noodles spicy. Patanjali was introduced when Maggi was banned and they said that Patanjali’s noodles are safe for everybody regardless of their age. It is not that flavourful but yes, it does the work.

Knorr soupy Noodles

Knorr soupy noodles were introduced in the year 2000. Knorr not only does brings soupy noodles to the market but soups as well. It is very different from other noodles plus it has many flavours, like- Mast Masala Soupy Noodles, Knorr Chinese Noodle Hot Spicy, Knorr Chinese Noodle Schezwan and Fried Rice and Chinese Noodles.

Ching’s Secret Instant Noodles

Ching’s instant noodles are loved by the fast-food eating youth of India. Its taste is very unique, as it is spicy and sometimes tangy. The brand’s ambassador is Ranveer Singh and that aspect is a big help to grow the sales of the noodles because a huge majority of people follow him and that promises the increase in sales.   

Horlicks Foodles

Like Patanjali, Horlicks also focuses on health-conscious consumers. It is like a healthy alternative of something that is meant to be junk food. It comes with 2 options- regular and the other one has 4 grains (ragi, rice, wheat and corn) and has 3 flavours (curry, masala and spice). The main thing is that this noodle is packed with 9 power vitamins. 

Top Ramen

Top Ramen was manufactured brought in by Nissin in the year 1968 but the actual ground hitting happened in the year 1988. The flavours it is available in are- masala, curry, chicken and shrimp. 

Wai Wai Noodles

Wai Wai was introduced by the Chowdhary group of Nepal in the year 1972. It has since then been very loved ramen all over India. Not many know about it but those who know, they know that Wai Wai is the real deal. People say that after Maggi, Wai wai is the most promising one of them all. 

Smith & Jones Instant Noodles


Manufactured by Capitals Food Ltd. Smith & Jones is mostly known for their variety of sauces but some time back it got into the noodle and pasta business as well. It tastes good and you can also change the recipe and make some additions to enhance the taste. 

Nissin Scoopies

Scoopies are manufactured in India by Nissin in the year 1958, just like Top Ramen. Scoopies are known for their unique noodles as they are short in length, unlike any other noodle. If you are someone who always loves to stroll outside, like trek or camp then Scoopies instant noodles will fulfil your hunger, and they are perfect otherwise as well. Also, they were the first ones to introduce chicken ramen in India.