Top 10 kisses One Must’ve Experience Or Should Experience


Kisses are a very special moment in each and everyone’s life, no one can ever forget their first kiss. Do you feel like making every kiss of your special and spicy, well, here are the top 10 types of kisses one must experience to have the time of their life! *winks*

1. Lip Kiss

A lip kiss is a very basic type, but it is the most playful and intimate type that will surely let your partner want for more. Let your partner kiss your upper lip while you play with its bottom lip. Don’t stop until you suck the love out, an ideal way to turn your partner on.

2. French Kiss

You have probably heard this name in many movies, but to be more precise, it is a type that involves using a good amount of tongue, saliva, and mouth. You won’t be able to nail it in the first go, practice will make you perfect. Nothing better than a true french kiss, and also don’t be afraid to try out different techniques.

3. Neck Kiss

If you are in between a hot and steamy makeout session with your love, you should probably go for a neck kiss to bring out more steam. Your partner probably will want for a few more since it is extremely sensual and will take things to another level. You can even steal a neck kiss when no one is seeing to tease your partner.

4. Peck

Peck is the term used for a simple and light kiss. You might feel that they are not at all romantic, but you are probably wrong. If you think smooching, your partner during the first time would be a bold move, go for a peck instead. And you can even steal some quick peck of love when your partner is busy doing their stuff, an ideal way to make your loved ones feel loved.

5. Cheek Kiss

Cheek kisses are more of a generalized form of kiss you can give to anyone you love such, as your friends, children, family, neighbors, and of course, to your partner. It is a way of greeting people, a comforting gesture, and also a polite way to gauge a romantic interest. Giving your loved one a few random cheek kisses throughout the day can be an extremely caring and cute gesture.

6. Bite Kiss

As the name suggests, it is a kind of a wild kiss for all the wild peeps out there. It takes the french kiss to another level by incorporating a nibble in the kiss. To be more specific just very gently bite on your partner’s tongue or lip mid-makeout and turn on the heat. Start slowly if you feel your partner, is liking it then move ahead.

7. Lizard Kiss

Not as weird as it sounds, Lizard kiss is just a more intense version of a french kiss. To try this out here is what you have to do, stick your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth at a quick pace. Not something everyone will like, but surely fun to try if you are someone who loves experimenting.

8. Earlobe Kiss

This one is to get your partner stared for a great makeout session, all you have to do is just kiss or nibble your partner’s earlobe. Ears have various nerve endings, making them super sensitive to touch, so start by gently sucking or tugging on that area to drive your bae crazy.

9. Forehead Kiss

This is one of the purest kisses to show someone how truly you love them. It can be anyone your mother, your child, or your partner. Not one of the sexiest, but surely the one that will melt your heart. It resembles your affectionate and caring nature towards the ones you love.

10. Hand kiss

The simplest form of a kiss, just grab someone’s hand and kiss the top of it. Will surely remind you of a romantic movie scene, might seem corny, but trust me, it is super adorable. A perfect way to ease into a more passionate kiss with your partner.