Top 10 Luxurious Wristwatch Brands


Wristwatches were invented since the pocket watches were more prone to damage, and through wristwatches, we could literally have time on our sleeves. But as years passed, it has become more of a style of accessories, thus leading to the establishment of various companies. Here are the top 10 luxurious brands that are taking wristwatches to a whole new level. 

1. Tag Heuer 

Like many of the high-end watch companies, even Tag Heuer was established in Switzerland. It is popular among race car drivers. A surprising thing is Tag Heuer was also the first watch brand to go into space. Some of the famous wearers include- Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Barack Obama. Its new Connected Modular smartwatch is the most expensive watch ever released, its worth $197,000. 

2. Rolex

Despite the huge popularity that Rolex women and men watch have each timepiece is made with total precision by hand. Rolex is internationally recognized as a grand status symbol. Rolex watches are always in high demand—especially Rolex Submariner. Some of the famous wearers include- Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, and also Kanye West. Each and every Rolex watch is pressure tested before leaving for sale. 

3. Hublot

 It is part of the LVMH group, compared to others in this list Hublot is one of the younger and upcoming watch brands, established in 1980 and 2010 appointed as the Official Watchmaker of Formula 1. Some of the famous wearers include- Kylie Jenner and Kobe Bryant also Jay Z. What you probably didn’t know is that Hublot made the first-ever rubber strap watch. 

4. Chopard

Chopard is owned by the Scheufele family of Germany since the year 1963. This brand began in early 1860 by creating ladies’ watches and later in 2013, they began promoting their products as using ethically sustainable gold. The Most expensive watch Chopard ever sold was a Chopard 210 Karat which was sold for $26 million in 2014. Chopard is popularly known for its high-quality Swiss watches and jewellery, and their famous clients have included Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

5. Omega

Omega was founded by Louis Brandt when he was just 23 years old. It was originally founded in 1848 as La Generale Watch Co, this brand trails very closely behind Rolex as one of the most highly recognized Swiss watch brands in history. Omega offers watches that are regarded highly as some of the most precise and efficient in the entire industry. Omega even took to space by Walter Schirra.

6. Tudor

This brand is unlike any other on the list, sometimes also known as the lower-priced and more affordable brand of parent company Rolex, the Tudor models enjoy a strong and close family resemblance to Rolex models, especially with the models like the Submariner and Heritage Ranger. Some of the famous wearers include- David Beckham and Lady Gaga.

7. Zenith

Founded by Swiss watchmaker Zenith. Pronounced zen-ith—this brand was founded in 1865 and for the last 40 years it has been best-known for its El Primero chronograph and also for its more recent Pilot models. Zenith without a doubt is the most decorated Swiss watch brand. Zenith watch was owned by our great Mahatma Gandhi. 

8. Blancpain

From 1735 up until 1932 the ownership of Blancpain was under the Blancpain family. However, the final Blancpain’s daughter did not want to go into the watch industry. So, it is currently part of The Swatch Group. Some Famous wearers include Vladimir Putin and Francis Ford Coppola.

9. Cartier

Cartier is a Parisian jewellery and watches company, with a history of popularity amongst celebrities and a lot of royals. Cartier is the one that invented the first-ever wristwatches. The most expensive Cartier watch ever to be sold was Panther Bangle Watch for $660,000 in 2015. Some famous wearers include John F Kennedy and Sofia Vergara also Angelina Jolie,

10. Iwc Schaffhausen 

This International Watch Company was found by an American watchmaker by the name Florentine Ariosto Jones, in the year 1868. They are best known for their dive and pilot watches which are precisely engineered by highest industry standards. IWC are the creators of the first titanium luxury watch bracelet.