Top 10 Major Indian Food Franchise Chains

Indian food chains

Food and India have the most beautiful relation, they can never go without each other. This loving relation and given rise to various food chains that have immense popularity in India. So today we look into the top 10 food chains in India that every Indian must visit!

1. Monginis

The pastry is the one thing that is our top priority when it comes to our craving list, if you feel the same, this definitely for you. Monginis is the well renowned Indian food joint that has its range of food that is delicious with its specialty being cakes and pastries. Their favorite ones on the menu include pastries, cakes, burgers, sandwiches, cutlets, doughnuts, so a perfect mix of sweet and savory. You can easily find their outlet in many cities around you, so go on treating your taste buds well.

2. Jumbo King

They seem to be getting their inspiration from burger king but trust me you won’t regret it. Their specialty is Maharashtrian traditional dishes, and it is specifically based, in Mumbai but branches out across numerous cities in India. They serve various varieties of vada pav along with lassi, yogurt-based drinks, beverages, and much more. Additionally, they also offer different kinds of patties such as corn, vegetables, cheese, fries, sundaes, etc.

3. Barbeque Nation

India has a different set of the food chain on its list, unlike other countries. Barbeque nation was a startup founded in 2006, and within a few years, it grew to be one of the top food chains in India. It consists of barbecue and other cuisines related to grill, some of its most popular dishes include Veg Keema, paratha, Cajun-spiced potatoes, crispy corn, mutton dishes, chicken Angra and many more.

4. Annapoorna Gowrishankar

Annapoorna Gowrishankar is an Indian classic authentic fast food joint. It is one of the topmost food joints that, was established way back in the 1960s, and it one of the most preferred choices for the Indians ever since. They have sixteen restaurants located in just Tamil Nadu furthermore, they are located at, various spots and patches throughout India. So if you want to taste authentic Indian food, you now know where to go.

5. Goli VadaPav

Vada pav is something we love dearly, and if you are a Mumbaikar and you haven’t tried them well, you deserve some serious punishment. Goli vada pav offers loved Maharashtrian food, especially different kinds of Vada pav. These variations include Goli aloo Tikki pav, Goli Sabudhana vada, Goli vada pav, Goli samosa pav, and more. Due to their growing popularity, not just Mumbai, it is available across Mumbai.

6. Barista Lavazza

Barista Lavazza is known for offering authentic and original coffee made from fresh coffee beans. They even offer you their coffee powder at cheap rates, which you can bring home. The main reason why they gained such immense popularity is their exquisite Italian coffee. Not only in India, but they also provide their services in countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, and many more. Other popular items on their list is an oreo chocolate latte and caramel latte.

7. Costa Coffee

Costa coffee, many of you might have already heard about these is a coffeehouse company chain that has their outlet all over India. Their coffee will make you addicted immediately, it is surely worth sipping. Other than coffee, other mouth-watering dishes on their menu include smoked chicken & cheese sandwich, paneer tikka sandwich, Bombay style sandwich, paneer wrap, spicy chicken wrap, almond, and butter croissant, cafe latte, mocha, Corto, masala tea, hot chocolate, and more.

8. Haldiram’s

Haldiram can be said to be the hub of Indian snacks, they began by manufacturing mixtures, Bhujia, and snacks to set up restaurants in many places. Later due to their reputation, they grew to be one of the top food chains in India. Their ambiance might not be up to the mark, but the quality of the food will surely make up for the lack of ambiance. Their centers can be seen, in cities like Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc.

9. Vadilal’s

Vadilal’s are the second largest ice-cream provider in India, they deliver their customers more than 150 flavors of ice-cream to choose from. Their specialties include jumbo ice cream cups in various flavors such as chocolate chips, American nuts, badam carnival, cookies n cream, etc., cup treats, no sugar cups, Belgian chocolate cones, choco raspberry crush, butterscotch choco crunch, and more.

10. Cafe Coffee Day

The last one of the list is Cafe Coffee Day, they are Bengaluru-based Cafe and known to be one of the most popular hangout places. People sit here and sip their coffee and enjoy their delicacies. To date, they have approximately 1500 outlets in India, some of their popular dishes include chicken Cheeseburger, big crunch veg classic burger, hot brownie fudge, black forest cake, double shots coffee, and many more.