Top 10 Mango Dishes One Can Try at Home

mango dishes

Hello to all the Mango lovers. This summer rock your days with Mango. Here is an amazing list of Mango recipes that you can try at your home and you don’t need to be a chef for it.

1. Mango milkshake

To give a simple, seasonal mango milkshake an interesting twirl and twist, what you can do is add small pieces of mango. This way you can both drink and chew mango milkshake! Like that? It gives an amazing texture and layer to the milkshake and makes it yummier and mind soothing. Your sudden hunger pang or lovely brunch with friends is undoubtedly sorted!

2. Mango smoothie

Mangoes are extremely nourishing, and they have a smooth texture that works so well in a perfectly blended smoothie. Mango smoothies topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup is such an awesome recipe. Hands down to the person who invented such a great breakfast smoothie recipe which is abundant with fibers, antioxidants, and Vitamins A & C and minerals. 

3. Raw mango sabzi

Mango is loved by all either raw or ripe. Raw mango is consumed widely during spring. Its tangy flavor is celebrated in the floral spring weather wonderfully. Once its taste touches your tongue, it is impossible to stop and will make you add it to every dish. Raw Mango Sabzi glorifies the mouth-watering flavors of raw mango. It is so delicious and one can consume it with chapati, puri and a lot more.

4. Aam Panna

Aam Panna or the ‘heat beater’ during the summers is a salubrious drink. It comes with plenty of impressive health benefits and health advantages. The main ingredient of the drink is raw mango which fabulously makes it a delicious and healthy beverage. The recipe contains lemon, mint, honey, ginger, and raw mango juice. This cooler can become a show stopper if made proportionately or added jeera to it.

5. Mango Mousse

Yes, you read it correctly, it’s a mango mousse!!! It is a highly delicious and very easy recipe that can be had as deserts after family dinners. Even those who cannot cook can make and brag about it. This three-ingredient mango mousse needs ripe mango pulp, sugar, fresh cream. Imagine all these blended smoothly together and presented and garnished with mangoes is just heaven. 

6. Mango Lassi

Who doesn’t loves a chilled, refreshing lassi??? It is enjoyed by all across our country. It is made by churning thickened curd until you get a cream-like consistency and top it with flavors of your choice. But the main ingredient here is??? Yes, you guessed it correct, Mangoes. All you need is mango puree with churned fresh curd and voila your Mango Lassi is ready to be served.

7. Mango Thick-shake

Here is another easy and mouth-watering recipe of mango which will win hearts when served. It’s a Mango Thickshake now. Yes, it’s thicker and densely packed with flavors. You need to blend mango puree, ice cream, sugar, cardamom powder but it’s optional. When mixed evenly, pour it in a fancy glass and top it with some mango pieces and ice cream.

8. Mango Salsa

Mouthwatering isn’t it??? Every one of you must have eaten raw mango, all love its tangy taste. This recipe here is a combination of your childhood mango memories and tangy flavors. All you need is symmetrically chopped raw mango, tomato, cucumber, and squeeze the half lemon over it. You can garnish it with chopped coriander and pomegranate. This dish is also good for those who want to have salad but with great taste.

9. Mango Pudding

Here you need cornflour, vanilla essence, mango puree, sugar, and cardamom powder. Mix them all well and let the pudding set in the refrigerator. This finger-licking dessert is a must-try for all those Mango fans out there. It tastes really great and looks authentic when served. Imagine the feeling of these lovely flavors of sweet, golden mango puree and the essences mingled together that touches your taste buds.

10. Mango suji halva

I know you don’t want it to end but here is the last recipe on the list, Mango suji halva. All you need is to cook suji, i.e., semolina in ghee, and add mango puree and sugar to it. Then keep cooking it till you feel the suji is letting the ghee out. Voila!!!! The amazing Mango suji halva is ready to set up your chef status and make your impression in front of your guests. So enjoy making these amazing recipes of Mango and keep spreading mangoes.