Top 10 Most Beautiful Restaurants In The World

beautiful restaurant in the world

Why do we go to restaurants? To enjoy some delicious food, right! But in today’s world restaurants, are much more than that along with delicious food, they also have to serve an elegant interior appearance to its customers. So if you too are a sucker for such a thing, this one is definitely for you. Here are the top 10 beautiful and captivating restaurants around the world.  

1. Sirroco, Thailand

Sirroco restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most beautiful restaurants you will ever visit. But if you suffer from vertigo, you must surely think twice before visiting it. This restaurant is located, on the 63rd floor of the 5-star Lebua Bangkok hotel that is literally 820 feet in the sky. What makes it come on the top of this list is the panoramic view of the city. Here is a tip if you want to visit the restaurant, you must make a reservation weeks before. 

2. Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, is situated in Italy, literally in a tucked away in a dimly-lit limestone. It is filled with the views of the crashing waters of the Adriatic Sea. No wonder why it is said to be the most romantic restaurant in the world. Since the hotel is created inside a cave, it gives a very enchanted and magical feel to the restaurant. It has been used, as a famous place for parties and ceremonies ever since 1700.

3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is literally everything the name describes, it is a restaurant inside the sea situated in the Maldives. This restaurant is located 16 feet below the sea level giving you a breathtaking view of the bustling ocean and marine life. If you are lucky enough, you can even spot a random snorkeler someday!

4. Restaurant Lasserre, Paris 

If you ask me what truly defines the word glamour, well, for me, its Paris. Restaurant Lasserre, located in Paris, is just another glam baby by France. The restaurant has a Michelin star cuisine and has almost 80 years of history. This place is for sure something you have never seen a classic french spot created with gold accents, giant chandeliers, and many more fancy kinds of stuff. 

5. Westlight, Brooklyn

Westlight is a cocktail bar in Brooklyn that, is situated on the 22nd-floor rooftop. The restaurant will give you the most elegant view of the Manhattan that will surely, sweep you off your feet. It has a dynamic menu with some brilliant cocktails that you have never tried before. Spending an evening here will bring your best experiences to life. 

6. Sheesh Mahal, India

Sheesh, Mahal is a Palace that has been converted into a restaurant at Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. It is an open-air restaurant that offers its visitors outstanding views of Pichola Lake. You can even experience the magnificent sky while you feed yourself with some mouth-watering Indian dishes. The restaurant even has a walk-in wine cellar for you to enjoy!

7. Mozaic, Bali

Mozaic is authentic as it sounds, which is located, in Bali, Indonesia. It looks less of a restaurant and more of a tropical oasis. Imagine whats better than sipping your favorite wine in the middle of a lush garden. Bali is known for beautiful scenery and Mozaic will give you a perfect glimpse of that. 

8. Ti-Agrikol, Montreal, Canada

Ti-Agrikol is the most artistic restaurant you will ever visit, and it is located in Canada. This masterpiece is Co-owned by artist Roland Jean. Now you know the reason behind its super stylish and colorful French-Caribbean style interior. So if you wish to plan a perfect getaway for yourself now, you know where you must go!

9. Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant, Kenya 

Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant was formed, in the 1980s, this restaurant will provide you with once in a lifetime experience. Here you can dine inside a 1,20,000 years old coral cave that is situated, in Kenya. So if you have ever doubted the beauty of Africa, this will surely, clear up your doubts. The restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful Indian ocean that will take your breath away. 

10. Canlis, Seattle

Canlis is a fine dining restaurant situated in Seattle, Washington. The restaurant is known for several things such as New American cuisine and the view it offers of the Gas Works Park and the Cascade Mountains. The restaurant was formed, way back in 1950, and ever since then, it remains family-owned. It has the title of Seattle’s fanciest restaurant for 60 years and has appeared several times in the top 20 restaurants in America by Gourmet Magazine. So it wouldn’t be a sin to say that it is everything you can ever dream of!