Top 10 Most Consumed Cold Drinks/Sodas

cold drinks

Today in this list we will be looking at the top 10 cold drinks or soda which are rated according to their taste, brand, and popularity. Also do keep an eye for how many drinks on this list have you tasted and let us know which of these is your personal favorite. 


This lime and lemon soft drink is favored by many. Limca does not contain any fruit and is artificially flavored. This drink gives instant pleasure upon the first gulp itself. One can have it along with any meal or even after a heavy meal to accelerate the digestion. This fizzy drink that has in Lime and Lemon zest surely wins it with its popularity and market shares

Dr Pepper Soda

Dr. Pepper is a huge favorite for many of the soft drinkers. Dr. Pepper Sodas are bottled and distributed by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. The company served Canada, the USA, and Mexico as its mainstream areas, with other countries also highly using its products. Among the company’s products, Dr. Pepper is the third most popular soda drink in the North American continent.


slice is a non-carbonated drink; it is a mango flavored drink produced by PepsiCo. This drink is loved by those who like the taste of mango and also those who do not like the fizz of Carbonated drinks. However, Slice faces tough opposition from Maaza which is a product of Coca-Cola and Frooti which is a product of ParleAgro. Nevertheless, slice slices them all and gets the top spot as a mango drink.


Fanta is yet another popular orange soft drink beverage produced by The Coca-Cola Company and with a German origin. Today, there are 100 plus different flavors worldwide, with the most popular and common being Fanta Orange. Others are mainly fruit flavored with some of the flavors including citrus, pineapple, strawberry and blackcurrant, etc. It is one of the most loved soda brands among the children and toddlers.

Mountain Dew

This is yet another Pepsi Co. carbonated soft drink. It comes to us in different names like the Energy, Dew Slurpee, and International Variations as well as the Kickstart Flavour. These are produced in tons of variants, some of which have been discontinued, with only the best of them all being offered to the general public. Mountain Dew soft drink is currently found in the retail stores in all the continents and more than 100 countries. Mountain Dew is mostly marketed in its iconic green containers that are well designed and branded thus attracting more customers.

Red Bull

Red Bull energy drink has become the most popular energy drink in the world. It is a non-alcoholic drink that contains vitamin B-complex, carbohydrates, caffeine, and amino acid taurine. During physical exertion, the taurine in Red Bull adds to the deficient taurine in your body thus boosting your energy. On an average about 5 billion cans of red bull are sold annually, giving the product a 40% energy drink world market share. It is distinct and hence one of the top soft drink brands in the world.


This is another energy drink on the list. It is a favorite for gamers and fitness enthusiasts as it an alternative for red bull also it is cheaper and for many people tastier than red bull as well. It gives you an energy boost to charge-up and keeps you going. It also invigorates your taste buds with its refreshingly delicious flavor. Sting has the kick of Caffeine*, Ginseng*, and B Vitamins* with amazingly refreshing flavors.


The list would be incomplete without Coca–Cola as it is the most popular soft drink in the world and the most decorated of all the Coca-Cola company products. Commonly known as Coke, the beverage is produced and marketed in at least 200 countries. Together with at least 500 other different drinks producers and marketed by the Coca-Cola Company, there is neither a soft drink nor a soft drink company that rivals Coca-Cola as a whole.


This sparkly drink has won the hearts of many due to its lemony taste that is seamless after a heavy meal. A chilled crystal of sprite is the ideal thirst quencher and can be had at any point of time during the day. Though it faces heavy competition from other soft drinks like 7UP, the sprite has been able to capture the soft drink market positively. Sprite overtook Pepsi in 2009 as the second most popular drink in terms of drinking. It became the top brand in 2013 when it exceeded Thums Up with 15.6 percent of the soft drink market share.


The principal competitor of Coca-Cola, Pepsi has its distinct taste which is quite different from its competitors. This fizzy drink is loved and enjoyed by all of us. This drink is brought by PepsiCo which is an international company and has been making huge incomes since its launch. Pepsi is stated to have a market share of 30.8%.