Top 10 Most Controversial Tweets Of All Time

Controversial tweets

The last decade has undoubtedly been the age of social media. And Twitter has become the new way to share thoughts and ideas publicly. However, some thoughts and conversations are best left to the privacy of one’s mind.  

Unfortunately, the following people did not do that and this led to some public outrage.

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson was one-third of an explosive chain of events in 2019. Following the second part of his documentary series with Jeffree Star, the vlogger found himself in a compromising position. Fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook made allegations against both him and Jeffree that opened the door for many other people to come out with their own stories. Feeling targeted by the sheer numbers, Shane decided to release a statement on Twitter.

The tweet was an aggressive rant that blamed multiple people in the Youtube community for his downfall. Stating that he played no part in the rapidly unfolding drama. However, the world was not on his side, and he was heavily criticized for not taking accountability for his role. 

James Gunn

James Gunn is the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He was slated to direct more movies in the franchise. But a couple of off-color tweets made Marvel drop him from their employee lists. 

The tweets in question addressed controversial subjects like sexual abuse, the holocaust, and AIDS. While they were penned and posted before he directed the Guardians of the Galaxies movies, they were still offensive enough for Disney executives to fire him.

Kangana Ranaut

The Indian celebrity is a polarising figure. And truthfully, every second tweet of hers could have made it on this list. But it seems Twitter realized she was not their most eloquent user and has since suspended her account on the app. 

She has tweeted about seemingly every headline over the past two years and even managed to pick fights with numerous public figures. Her tweets are pointed, opinionated, and very often peddling fake news. 

Bill Cosby

The once-beloved American entertainer has been embroiled in legal proceedings where he is charged with numerous counts of sexual assault. To appeal to the public’s goodwill, he tweeted a picture of himself and asked his followers to meme him. 

But people weren’t so forgiving, and the tweet garnered replies criticizing his half-baked attempt to gain popular favor after his outrageous behavior. 

James Charles

The final person involved in the huge youtube scandal with Shane, Jeffree, and Tati, James, is no stranger to controversy. It started in 2017 when posted some racist tweets about the Ebola virus. They were quickly taken down, and he apologized. But he bounced back. 

However, that was just the start. Every year since, he has been the object of controversy and backlash. James is always on hot coals, whether it be disproval about makeup tutorials or allegations of sexual abuse of minors, James is always on hot coals.  

Donald Trump

The ex-president of the USA is now indefinitely suspended from Twitter, but in the past, he has used the app to voice some questionable opinions. Even before he became president, he was a prolific user that liked to tweet odd things after midnight. This would be perfectly fine, of course, if he were a normal person. 

But his misogynistic, anger-filled, factually incorrect tweets were actually widely accepted as fact by his supporters. He also often used his Twitter account to call out journalists that opposed his policy decisions.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Oscar-winning actress was faced with serious criticism when she made this provocative tweet. It was posted in 2012 and used the N-word while speaking about a trip to Paris. The tweet was called out for its racist word choice, and she consequently apologized. 

However, aside, she also routinely gets criticized on Twitter for the goods she sells via her company – Goop. They are making false claims under the guise of health and wellness and are obscenely overpriced. 

Ashton Kutcher  

Ashton Kutcher made a huge mistake in 2011 when he tweeted in defense of Joe Paterno. Joe was a college football coach who was fired for concealing the acts of his pedophile assistant coach. The assistant coach was arrested after being charged with the sexual abuse of 15 boys. 

His followers were quick to point out his mistake and drowned him in a wave of backlash so huge that he had to quit Twitter temporarily. 

Rishi Kapoor

The prominent Bollywood star has made more than a few improper comments on Twitter. 

His tweets are masked as humor but are often misogynistic, disrespectful, or plain old offensive. When called out, he also tends to refuse to accept his mistake and has been known to say he was joking. 

Kim Kardashian

The reality TV star has been the subject of multiple Twitter controversies. But the main one has been her feud with Taylor Swift: After leaking a phone call between Taylor and her husband Kanye West, Kim managed to weaponize a large portion of Twitter against the female singer. Even going so far as to bully Taylor by calling her a snake. 

However, the tables soon turned on Kim when the unedited version of the phone call was posted. She soon became the object of considerable criticism.