Top 10 Super Expensive Cats In The World


Today we are going to look at the top 10 expensive cats and If you have one of them then you are very lucky and LOADED. Most of them are intelligent and lovely and definitely be a great member of your family.

1. Peterbald Cats

The Peterbald may be a refined cat with an extended elongated body with long graceful legs. The most prominent characteristic of the breed is that they are hairless. It is also one of the rarest felines within the world and recently well-loved. Peterbald cats have oval paws, large, bat-wing ears, long and lean body and their heads are shaped like an inverted triangle. They love to be close to people, other cats, and animals. They even like to play with the dog! When coming home, you will always be greeted with a warm atmosphere from your Peterbald.

2. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a big cat. The female weighs about eight to 12 pounds while the male can weigh up to twenty pounds. They can grow up to forty inches. Overall, Maine Coon cats look like small bobcats. Their coat is shaggy and waterproof. The head is broad and square, the ears are large and the eyes are big. However, it takes them at least 3 years to reach the full size. Their personalities are also very pleasant. They can adapt to many lifestyles. Additionally, this breed is friendly and sweet. They love to follow you and see what you do. Maine Coon is one among the feline which will get on well with anyone, including dogs and other cats.

3. British Shorthair

British Shorthair are very adaptable and easily trained. They can live with pets of all kinds such as dogs, birds and other cats. When you own a British Shorthair cat, it tends to attach to you. It’s said to be very affectionate, even in a large family with many members, they can get along well with everyone. Their size is one thing that attracts many of us. The female weigh about 7 to 12 pounds and therefore the male can weigh up to 17 pounds.

4. Sphynx

With the typical size, Sphynx looks muscular and powerful, of course, like most cats, the male is bigger than the feminine. But they are very lovely and clumsy cats. In an attempt to be the center, they seem to be funny and childish. They always want to with you and show off for you as this breed is very energetic. Take notice of bathing them frequently because their lack of hair would normally absorb body oils.

5. Russian Blue

If you want to start a relationship with some animals, they will be a loving one. They have an elegant and graceful body: long and lean legs, tapering tail, and vivid green eyes. You might think that they’re blue but actually, there are other forms of this breed: black and white Russians. However, they’re rare and not well- followed. It’s quite hard to develop a friendship with them but it’s worthwhile because you will have a devoted pet. This cat especially loves jumping and climbing to high places. Their owner also needs to take care of them more as they are very sensitive and easy to become fearful or anxious.

6. Scottish Fold

Like their name, the Scottish Fold cats have folded ears (causing by a gene affecting the cartilage of the ears). Other common features of Scottish Fold cats are rounded head with prominent cheeks, expressive eyes with the same color of the coat, ears to fold downward or toward. They are smart, soft-spoken, and easily adaptable to any lifestyle and new people. They love to be cuddled and patted. However, they like to near you rather than sit on your lap. Another lovely thing that they’re very playful need the eye on their own terms.

7. Manx

The most prominent trait of this breed is tailless. They have a solid stocky body with big bones and a wide chest. The average weight for the male is about 10 to 12 pounds, and for the female is about 8 to 10 pounds. they have a broad head and round eyes also most of them have broad ears with a rounded tip. The Manx is warm and affectionate. They love a cuddle and can get on well with anyone in the family and other pets.

8. Bengals

 Bengals have a beautiful and soft coat. Two common fur patterns are the spotted pattern and the swirly marbled. Bengals cats are usually large: females weigh about 10 to 15 pounds and males 8 to 12 pounds. Like other tabby cats, they need a transparent “M” on the forehead. However, you should notice that they are very naughty and will be not your laid-back lap cat. It’s better that they have other cats to play with, they will be very pleasant!

9. Savannah

Firstly, you’ll see that the Savannah cats appear as if their ancestor- the African Servalbut in a smaller size. The most unique feature is their spotted coat with a mixture of many colors. They seem quite tall but actually, they’re medium-sized and weigh but other similarly sized cats. One of their most striking features is that the hooded eyes that are flat on top situated right at the highest of the top. In general, they are very curious and playful. It loves to follow you around the house rather than sit on your lap.

10. The Ashera

The Ashera is the world’s newest, rarest cat. They are the hybrid of the African Serval and the Asian Leopard cat. The Ashera cats are very beautiful and elegant with leopard-like spots and contrasting stripes. They weigh about 30 pounds so they can deter any annoying animals like mice or dogs hanging around the house. Another thing about is that they are very playful and love climbing, keep an eye on your curtains when owning one!