Top 10 Most Useful Grammar Checking Apps and Software

Grammar checking apps

A Grammar Check Software or grammar checking apps is a program that ensures that all of your written materials, such as emails, blogs, blog posts, and social media posts, are properly formatted. Unlike the free Spell Check tool included in Microsoft Office, this program handles various grammar-related functions, which grammar checker or editing tool you use will be influenced by your needs. No one tool can do anything, and none of these tools can take the place of the hard work and critical thinking required to produce a well-edited blog post, magazine article, or book. However, keep in mind that a grammar checker is not a substitute for a human editor.

Human eyes will still be superior to the rigidity of automatic tools because language laws and elements of a good story can be so versatile. The following is a list of the top ten grammar checker software and apps.

Grammarly (Grammar Checking apps #1)

With Grammarly’s advanced features, you can virtually change everything you write, whether it’s an article/blog, a social media post, or an email response. Allow Grammarly to work its magic by copying and pasting or uploading your text into the online dashboard. It warns you about possible mistakes, makes recommendations, and explains why it thinks you should make a move.

There’s also a Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Word that’s free, as well as a Grammarly for Chrome plugin that works with Google Docs. However, one of the major drawbacks for students and other aspiring writers may be the cost. Grammarly provides a free limited edition and a host of other free services such as a wordiness checker and tone detection.

The full-featured premium service costs $11.66 per month, while the enterprise plan costs $12.50 per month per member.

After the Deadline

After the Deadline, like Grammarly, is a grammar checker and proofreader. The best thing is that everybody can use it for free. It can also be used on a self-hosted WordPress platform, as a Chrome or Firefox plugin or add-on, or with Select “Demonstration,” then “Check Writing” after pasting the text you want to check after the Deadline highlights any errors in spelling, grammar, or style and discusses why.

Use it for a final proofread, but use caution and don’t take every suggestion it makes — it isn’t as advanced as other resources.


Scribens is a free grammar checker that detects and corrects over 250 different forms of grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors, such as nouns, verbs, prepositions, pronouns, homonyms, typography, and punctuation. You can use the Scribes extension in almost every place where you need to post, including social media, websites with text zones (such as WordPress or forums), email channels, and more.

Writers would appreciate the versatility and assurance of editing their work from any website or application. Select the extension(s) where you want Scribner installed, then download it and start writing.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a style-checker similar to a spellchecker. It gives you a readability score — the lowest grade level required to comprehend your text — and analyses your writing to find places where you can develop. It can be used anywhere because it does not need an internet connection.

Hemingway Editor defines how many “-ly” adverbs and passive voice constructions you’ve used and recommends a maximum number based on the word count, in addition to offering examples of how to address passive voice or complex phrases. It is free to use online, but the desktop edition, which is available for both Mac and PC, includes a one-time charge of $19.99.


An AI-powered algorithm produces syntax, punctuation, and style recommendations, as well as vocabulary enhancement suggestions. Intelligent snippets will help you write faster by up to 90%. The language learning engine will help you develop your English skills. Linguix lets you review spelling, punctuation, and style on your favorite websites in real-time.

With intelligent snippets, you can get context-appropriate recommendations and speed up your writing. Marketers and SEO experts, non-native English authors, and anyone looking to improve their writing skills will benefit from this course.

ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid is a professional masterclass for all aspiring authors, as it offers much more than just a grammar check and proofreading service. This program often detects writing flaws such as repetition, long sentences, heavy use of passive voice, over-reliance on adverbs, and complex sentence formations.

It also suggests the best-preferred choice for achieving a polished result. While ProWriting Aid has a premium option, most places you’ll want to search are free. Create a free account, then paste in your text after clicking “Try the editing method.” Use ProWriting Aid to direct your edits during the self-editing stage.


This one was created with non-fiction and fiction authors in mind. AutoCrit examines the manuscript for flaws in pace and momentum, dialogue, good writing, word use, and repetition, among other things. You may also equate your writing to well-known writers like Danielle Steel or James Patterson, depending on the strategy you chose.

There are three different options to choose from: the “Free Forever” plan, which is completely free; the “Professional” plan, which costs $30; and the “Annual Professional” plan, which costs $297 a year. Every year, the latter provides a built-in discount of two months free.

To see AutoCrit’s report, paste your text into the online dashboard or upload a document and click on the tabs. This tool analyses your writing on a word-by-word basis and suggests simple ways to enhance readability using data from various genres and over a million books.

Sentence Checker

Sentence Checker is an intelligent and well-thought-out online tool that can illustrate and fix all of your document’s grammar issues. The tool’s four main algorithms are Sentence Checker, Grammar Checker, Correct My Sentence, and Sentence Fragment Corrector. It corrects grammar issues such as spelling, vocabulary, tenses, and punctuation.

It tests sentence formation and composition, the use of adverbs, subject-verb agreement conflicts, and errors with clauses in a sentence, among other things. It provides a comprehensive overview of the writing process.


This AI-powered writing assistant and grammar and spelling checker improve your writing style and speed while also increasing your imagination. It also scans complete, complex sentences for context-based corrections. If you want to install Ginger in your Chrome browser, as a web app, or in another way, all you have to do is follow the installation instructions.

Ginger can illustrate spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes and assist you in rewriting sentences by providing a variety of alternatives.

Writers can install Ginger as a desktop app for Mac or Windows or directly into Google Chrome or Safari, and it integrates easily with programs like Outlook, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint. It’s also available as a keyboard or an app for Android and Apple phones. However, since it provides a free (but severely limited) plan, you’ll find that it’s more effective with its premium options.

Language Tool

Language Tool is a grammar and sentence proofreading program that can detect and correct errors in over 20 different languages, making it a widely used tool. It can reliably search from a database with over a thousand error patterns. The software is available in three versions: a free version, a paid version, and a Developer API version tailored to each group’s needs.

Add-ons for the browser (Chrome or Firefox), Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Libre Office must all be downloaded separately.