Top 10 Most Useful Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter spells

The Harry Potter series is undoubtedly the most famous book series of all time, and many people worldwide grew up reading them. All who have read Harry Potter will have fond memories of practicing their wand twirling action in front of the mirror while muttering “Expelliarmus” over and over in the expectation that something magical will happen.

One of the most appealing features of Harry Potter’s magic is that it is simple to comprehend, and the spells are super easy to read! Because there are so many spells in the entire series, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the most powerful spell out of them. Selecting the Unforgivable Curses would be too dull and repetitive. So, we have compiled a list of the top ten best spells, in no specific order, with a variety of effects and applications.

Expecto Patronum (Translation: I expect a guardian)

One of the most difficult spells to master in the Harry Potter world, Expecto Patronum or the Patronus Charm, is not a spell everyone can use. There are dark beings in the Wizarding world called dementors that suck the souls out of their prey. These beings feed on sadness and fear, and hence they suck out all happiness from their surroundings. The only way to fight them is by using the Patronus Charm.

The person who performs this charm has to focus on their happiest memories and project them out in the form of positive energy. This projection is called a Patronus, and they take the form of an animal that is unique to each wizard. Apart from fighting off dementors, Patronuses can also act as messengers and guides, making the spell more useful.

Protego (Translation: To protect)

One of the most common yet most useful spells in the wizarding world, the shield charm is taught to every wizard. Unlike the wand action that protects wizards against most spells, the shield charm protects the wizard and reflects the spell to its source.

This spell can also be used to create an obstacle between two people to prevent them from fighting and so on. Even though this spell is very useful, it is helpless against the killing curse, which is unstoppable.

Expelliarmus (Translation: To drive out a weapon)

Expelliarmus is maybe one of the most famous spells in the fandom because it is seen as the signature spell of the protagonist Harry Potter. Even though this spell requires a certain skill and wand action, it is a really useful spell once mastered. If cast at someone, it can take away their wand or any object they hold in their arms.

If cast by experts, this spell disarms so that the weapon comes into the hands of the person who cast the spell. This spell has an extra quirk because most wands change allegiance once disarmed. So if cast perfectly, the caster can also own the wand of their opponent.

Petrificus Totalus (Translation: Make still totally)

Also known as the Body Bind Curse, this spell can be seen used by both the protagonists and antagonists of the wizarding world. If successfully cast on a person, it makes them go still from top to toe like a statue, rendering them completely useless. We even see the protagonist Harry coming under this curse and not moving until someone comes to help him.

This spell is reversible with simple healing or unfreezing spells, but another person can only do it.

Accio (Translation: I summon)

Also known as the Summoning Charm, this spell is used to summon objects towards the caster. The summoning can be both from a nearby bookshelf and buildings away, although not too far. Harry used it to summon his broomstick from far away during the Triwizard Tournament.

The caster has to name the object to be summoned after the incantation “Accio.” This is the most common and useful spells in the wizarding world.

Portus (Translation: Harbour)

One of the most underrated spells in Harry Potter, known only to the fans who have read the book very carefully, is the Portus spell. This spell is used to make any random object into a port key. A port key is an object that transports the people touching it to a certain planned location.

We see Dumbledore using this spell in the Order of the Phoenix to transfer Harry and the Weasley brothers and sisters to the Burrow. If the person does not touch the port key before the set time, it transports itself without the person.

Stupefy (Translation: To stun)

One of the most basic defense/attack spells in Harry Potter, the stunning spell is one that every wizard is supposed to know. Used mostly by Aurors, the stunning spell or the stupefying charm stuns an opponent for a few seconds, rendering them frozen. If cast by a powerful wizard, this spell can also knock people out.

If the person is rendered unconscious by the stupefying charm, the spell Rennervate can bring them back to their senses. As basic as the spell is, it is quite useful during duels and attacks as it requires no special wand movement.

Incendio/Aguamentio (Translation: conjure fire/water)

These two charms are the basic conjuring charms of the wizarding world as the former produces fire and produces water. They can be used in any range the wizard wished, from lighting a candle and filling a glass to burning down houses and conjuring walls of water. If produced by powerful wizards, these spells look quite different.

For example, during the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort, the former conjured a dragon made of water, and the latter conjured a snake made of fire.

Bombarda (Translation: Explode)

The bombarding charm, called Bombarda, is used to create large explosions. A similar spell Confringo also exists for the same purpose, but Bombarda is more powerful as it has an extended incantation of “Bombarda Maxima,” which produces an even bigger explosion.

It is used mainly to clear pathways and destroy buildings, and it is rarely used in duels or for attacking others.

Obliviate (Translation: Forget)

Also known as the Memory Charm, we can see quite many instances in the wizarding world where this spell is used. This spell is mainly used by the ministry of magic on muggles (people who cannot use magic) when they come across magic to make them forget about it and maintain the wizarding world’s secrecy.

It can either make the person at the receiving end completely forget about themselves or erase specific memories, depending upon the caster’s skill. It is quite a useful spell once mastered, but it can also be detected easily by another wizard if a person has their memories modified or not.